Branding, however, doesn’t stop here – design tells a story of its own

Learn from the Big Ones

Let’s start with the obvious all-time design winner – Apple. Regardless of whether we’re talking about iPhones, iPods, iPads or Macs, they excel at simply fantastic design. Something about receiving your product in a neatly packed, luxuriously designed box instills trust – this is how they keep their customers coming back. Everyone can relate to something physically appealing – it’s what brings people together, so making sure that you follow through on paying attention to your packaging can go a long way towards keeping your customer base and even compensate for downsides that even the most elite products have.


Getting Started

Your design should reflect your product, but also the creativity and personality of your business – your customers will always want to be able to put a face to an otherwise lifeless object. Naturally, there is a whole science behind this and everything is included, from the shape of the package to the materials you’ll use. All this, however, should in no way distract you from functionality – people will remember the hard time they had with opening your neat packaging.


Now, of course, making sure that your product is safe when it comes to shipping goes without saying, but we won’t get into this here. Instead, it is worth mentioning that your packaging actually looks safe. In this way, you are making sure that everyone knows about the effort you’ve put in in securing your product to be delivered to the customer.


When it comes to design, there isn’t really a unique rule of thumb here. For starters, your packaging shouldn’t be associated with the well-known brands, so going for their design is a mistake. In fact, your packaging design should be unique – not only for the sake of avoiding lawsuits, but because you need customer loyalty and this is one of the best ways to achieve it. Regardless of what type of product we’re talking about, you should focus on providing something unique and, above all, pleasing to look at. If you are just starting your business, for example, going for high-quality flyer printing is advised – this won’t impact your budget too hard and it will draw potential customers towards your company – people appreciate quality.


Keeping Up with the Trends

Unless you are a famous company older than a decade, you should definitely look to keep up with what’s modern. In fact, even big companies opt for refreshing their design in order to appeal to the younger generations. At the very moment, going sleek and classy is the name of the game – modern design is smooth and pretty simplistic. Unless you are in a very niche branch of business, you shouldn’t experiment too much with colors and asymmetrical designs.


Design is a crucial part in branding. Although it does come after coming up with your name and logo, it should never be regarded as trivial. Regardless of how much effort you put into making your product, it will matter little without a quality design and packaging. Follow the trends and make it sleek – that’s the name of the game!