What is important in your life?

You are a Baby Boomer, a parent, a grandparent, a spouse, a neighbor, a business associate, a friend and so much more.

So, what truly defines you?

You have spent your entire life creating an architecture for yourself.

You assembled yourself a social position, carved out a reputation and painted a portrait for the world of the person you wanted them to think you are.

You molded a character, a look.

You decorated yourself with unique expressions, defined mannerisms and colorful attitudes.

Take a look in the mirror

Can you see what your "life" has been built from?

Is everything that defines you now what you really wanted?


Today is "Fervid Friday" the day for me to motivate and inspire Baby Boomers all over the world to a better life.

Normally, I do this by fine tuning, polishing up and redefining the disagreeable issues in your life.

Not today folks.

Oh, no !!

Today, I telling you that you need to tear apart your life and throw away the things that don't matter.

Life is too short.

If you are truly going to find your passion and place in life then it's time to "Let Go" of the dead weight that's holding you back.

Don't Be Afraid.


"5 Things You Need To Let Go Of"

1.  Let Go of the Stuff

Let's look reality straight in the eyes.

You have a job, a house, a nice yard with a pool, some classy patio furniture, a mortgage, a couple of cars, a couple of car loans, maybe a motorcycle, a Visa and an American Express card, monthly credit card balances, cable and 500 channels, high speed internet, a few more monthly bills and a closet full of clothes.

Is that who you are?

Is all of this material "stuff" going to help you find your passion and get you to the person you want to be?

Or are you "trapped" by your "stuff" endlessly struggling to keep up?

Open the cage door.

Open the window.

Get rid of the "stuff."

Starting today you should manage yourself and not your "stuff."



2.  Let Go Of The Past

I'm sure you have heard the phrase "Don't cry over spilled milk."

There’s no use in holding on to and re-living the pains, frustrations and anxieties of the past.

Realize that there were no failures.


A few missteps and misfortunes........probably.

Hey, take your "licking" and keep on "ticking."

You can't improve yourself if you are constantly stressing about your past mistakes.

Take some time to look at your past objectively.

Make a list of what you could have done better.

Then let go and move forward.


3.  Let Go of  the Rat Race

There are a million distractions that prevent you from focusing on who you want to be and what is your true passion in life.

Let me guess, your job leaves you too exhausted to even think about other ways to make a living.

You've got no time to look at things a different way because you are too absorbed in meeting your monthly budget.

And what free time you have is spent busily meeting mundane obligations with family and friends or shopping for new "stuff" that supposedly defines who you are.

These are distractions from what you should really be doing.

I'm not saying that you have to stop everything that you doing right now (unless that works for you) and make a 180 degree change in your life today.

Just take a few days off to commit some time to re-evaluating your life

Go somewhere peaceful and quiet for a few days.

Consider what you truly value and see if it aligns with how you are currently spending your time and energy.

While it is scary to let go, it is even scarier to concede your remaining years to the same distractions.


4.  Let Go of Perfection

The idea that you can control everyone and everything in your life will only lead to utter disappointment. 

Start living by a new credo "Good Enough is Good Enough."

You don't have to please everybody.

You don't need all of the money in the world.

You don't have to be the best at everything.

You don't have to have the coolest car in the neighborhood, the floors don't always have to be clean and shiny or the garden green and weed free.

Become a student of "Feng Shui."

There is true beauty to be embraced in imperfection.


5.  Let Go of Others Expectations

Let me ask you this:

To be successful do you need to make an incredible salary, have the coolest car or the most luxurious house?

Is this your definition or success or what others are expecting from you?

Are you constantly trying to fit into a mold that others have built for you?

Does being better than the next guy make you feel more secure?

Nobody should be able to define the expectations of who you are and what you are other than you.

Forget what other people think.

Set "your" goals and "your" expectations.


That wasn't so bad was it?

Am I asking for a lot from you?

I don't think so.

Do you have any dead weights that you need to let go of?

Please share them in the comment section below.

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