Machu Picchu is one of the top trekking destinations in the world, being visited by more than 1.2 million visitors annually. They use either the classic Inca trail or other Inca trails, running to this ancient Inca center. It continues to stand as an incredible masterpiece of engineering and architectural ingenuity, and the sign of Inca precision and civilization. This Peruvian city has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO and is listed among the 7 New wonders of the world. No trek experience in the world will feel like Machu Picchu trekking, but to thoroughly enjoy walking along the spectacular background of the Andean mountains, and see the architectural creativity of the old Inca civilization, you can choose various Inca Trail tours, as well as alternative programs.

Lares trek to Machu Picchu

Different Trails, Routes and Tour Options for Machu Picchu Trekking

Trekking on the most common Inca Trail or any other alternative trail to Machu Picchu, is certainly going to give you an amazing experience. The sight of the breathtaking mountain ranges, different plants and animals, and ancient historical heritages has no match!

The most familiar route for Machu Picchu trekking is the Classic Inca Trail, which consists of trails that the Inca people themselves used, to get from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu. While moving across this trail, trekkers will spot extraordinary Inca sites and spectacular scenery.

Due to its global recognition and growing concern over the ultimate impact of tourists’ visits on the Historic bastion of Machu Picchu, the Inca trail is restricted to 500 hikers every day (300 out of them are permitted for guides and porters). Joining the Inca Trail tours and following on the famous trail means choosing a specialist Peruvian tour company and booking with it early on, especially to avoid disappointment during the peak time in dry season from around May - September.

Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

If you are looking for adventure like Machu Pichhu trekking through the classic Inca Trail trek, or one of its alternatives like the Lares trek or the Salkantay trek (these are also authentic Inca trails, by the way) – then options are as many and as affordable you like.

Alternatively, you can consider the Inca Jungle to Machu Picchu or the Lost Jungle to Machu Picchu tour programs, which turn out to be interesting with the combination of biking, trekking and direct-contact-cultural tourism.

However, your Machu Picchu trekking experience will be different, based on the itineraries or routes; challenges and distinctive characteristics of all these Machu Picchu trekking trails. To be sure about a perfect trekking experience to Machu Picchu, you can go through the following options:

  1. 2/4 Days Classic Inca Trail tour to Machu Picchu

  2. 4/5 Days Salkantay trek tour to Machu Picchu

  3. 4/5 Days Lares trek tour to Machu Picchu

  4. 3/4 Days Inca Jungle tour to Machu Picchu

  5. 4 Days Lost Jungle to Machu Picchu

World Wonder Machu Picchu

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