For L3 autopilot, the sensor, especially the laser radar: what kind of wiring harness lidar to meet the requirements of automatic driving? Is the use of 16 lines or must use the price more expensive 32 lines, 64 lines? Ge Feng Qing Wu first did not directly answer Sensor this question. He said from the perspective of automatic driving from the L3, the conditional autopilot, we must first define this condition. Such as parking problems, L3 autopilot can meet the needs of automatic parking.

    If the drive directly on the highway or national road to achieve automatic driving, is still difficult. Because of this reaction to the driver, especially on the highway, there is no way to do so fast response. The key to automatic driving technology is the need to ensure safety. For a single sensor or a single GPS, it is not enough for autopilot. In order to ensure the robustness Temperature Sensor of automatic driving in different situations, safety redundancy, we need multi-sensor combination or fusion.

   Environmental perception is mainly to use a device to replace the perception of the surrounding people. A device can not, plus a number of cheap devices, if you can achieve this, it is not necessary to use 64 lines. Ideal with 64-wire laser radar is the best, it is not, we can explore a simple solution. Dr. Party A, if the cost of laser radar in 200 dollars or even 100 dollars or less, the car manufacturers are acceptable. He said that Speed Sensor because the car needs to do the design, laser radar installed in the roof is not a car manufacturers are willing to accept. So, when the all-solid laser radar is doing very well and can even be loaded inside the lights, this is very helpful for mass production of L3, L4.
   For automatic driving, the lidar can be widely used in the production price is the price and the car level of the design. In order to ensure sufficient safety for automatic driving, multi-sensor fusion program is the future trend. L3 automatic driving mass production problem, which is the biggest challenge encountered by car manufacturers. The driver needs to provide the appropriate intervention to take over the car. To the L4 stage, car manufacturers need to ensure that technology does not appear problems. For the private car, the driver's situation, skills vary. We can only through the technology to ensure the safety of the car. So his conclusion is that L3 in the public road to achieve it really difficult. As a radical in the car manufacturers, Ford is more than L3, directly from the L2 to achieve L4 automatic driving.

   Ford's logic is that L2 is a specific auxiliary driving technique that can help the driver to drive better, the main responsible person is the driver; L4 is a fully automatic driving car, the car takes over all the control, the driver is not responsible. The challenge of L3 is that it does not give the vehicle and the driver a clear definition of responsibility: need to know who is driving, in the end is a person or a machine.

  Real automatic driving, must be 100% pursuit of no accident, so the need for technological breakthroughs, to unlimited Pressure Switch security. When new things appear, to actively promote under certain norms. Promote the problem to overcome, to improve.