Sensitive components and Kunming high-precision laser displacement sensor is the electronic information equipment manufacturing industry in the basic category of products, is the focus of the development of new electronic components in the special components. In recent years, in the country to strengthen the sensor development and application of a series of policy guidance and support, China's sensor has formed Sensor a certain industrial base, and in technological innovation, independent research and development, achievements have made great progress. A number of new sensors based on MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) technology are entering the market. Sensor design technology, material control technology, production technology, reliability technology and testing technology continue to develop mature, mass production capacity gradually increased. Kunming high-precision laser displacement sensor not only in the domestic market share gradually increased, while there are some exports.

  With the rise of the global Internet of Things boom, the current, from the government to the industry as a whole on the Internet of Things and sensors to give high priority. Kunming high-precision laser displacement sensor is the basic component of the Internet of Things, especially the use of MEMS and other technology of new sensors, and things Temperature Sensor have a closer contact, under the influence of the Internet of things, the sensor application will enter a new stage of development.

  Kunming high-precision laser displacement sensor is widely used in automotive electronics, aviation, consumer electronics, defense systems, industrial control, medical life sciences and communications and other fields, but summed up the classification market is currently divided into four types, namely consumer electronics Mobile phones), automotive, medical electronics market and high-end MEMS market. Among them, consumer electronics is particularly worthy of attention, because it is the most abundant application, the fastest growing areas, microphones, gyroscopes and acceleration sensors are important in this area.
  Kunming Chengtuo Electronics is a set of design, development, production, sales as one of the science and technology industry companies. Has a professional management team and research and development centers, and relying on the advantages of Wuhan University Speed Sensor resources research and development of electronic products, automatic control systems and monitoring systems. Companies focus on laser ranging sensors and supporting solutions for research and development and operation, currently occupies more than 70% of the domestic market, is the most professional laser rangefinder sensor R \u0026 D and operation of one of the team.