Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can all have the tendency to creep up unexpectedly, leaving you in a rushed panic to find a gift that seems like you put at least a little bit of thought in. Thankfully, whatever you choose to buy can be delivered from your house, eBay or GraysOnline, to the gift receiver within the same day by Zoom2U. Zoom2U offer 3 hour and same day services for purchases made on eBay and GraysOnline, or if you head out to the shops a Zoom2U courier can pick it up from your house and deliver it.

Here’s 6 great last minute gift ideas for any celebration!

Music Gear

Most people love something to play their music through whether they’re young, old, love pop music or listen to country. These days, with smart phones and music streaming services almost everyone has playlists of their favourite music.

Quality portable Bluetooth speakers are easy to find both online and in electronic stores, and are great to use for parties, picnics or just around the house. You could also opt for some earphones or headphones!

A Board game

Board games are another great gift for people of all ages. Of course, there’s the classics like Monopoly, The Game of Life and Scrabble but there’s loads of others to choose from. Boardgamegeek is a great site to check out new and interesting types of board games from all genres.

Think if the recipient would enjoy playing with family, friends, solo or at a dinner night!

An Experience

Experiences are great because there’s something for everyone. Food experiences, relaxing boat cruises or adrenaline junkie sports. Sites like Redballoon have endless experiences to choose from at all price ranges.

Google Chromecast

With the huge market of online video streaming services like Netflix and Stan, the ability to cast videos and music from your laptop, computer or smartphone is invaluable to the TV-binger. A Google Chromecast can do just that!

Flowers and Hampers

The age old gift that says “I love you”, Flowers. If you know what the birthday girls favourite are, it can make for a thoughtful gift that’s sure to arrive on time.

Hampers are also a great idea as they can include an assortment of goodies, from food and produce, to bath and beauty care.

Magazine Subscriptions or Gift Vouchers

Magazine subscriptions are good for all seasons and there’s sure to be one tailored to the exact interests of the person you need a gift for. Think about what they like and search for similar magazine publications.


Similarly, Gift Vouchers can be tailored towards anyone. iTunes for music and app lovers, or certain stores sell vouchers which make simple but wanted gifts.