They congregate at the local pub

Each and every Saturday night

Break in routine from stressful week

Creatures of habit seeking respite


Logs burning in the grate

Flickering orange flames in dance

Firelight reflecting on the hearth

Creating warm and cosy ambience


Local men propping up the bar

Discussing football and escaping wives

Drowning sorrows from mundane life

Another pint through bleary eyes


Barmaids with their cheerful smiles

Filling up the empty glass

Engaging conversation with the punters

Who freely spend their brass


Tucked in corners lost in love

Couples share a fleeting glance

Sneaking a kiss and passion ignites

Anticipating an evening of romance


Dreaded bell begins to ring

Landlord calling "last orders please"

Social gathering comes to an end

Glasses drained it's time to leave