The Internet has certainly been a gift to mankind and all the instant access has opened the global economy for everyone to participate. However, every aspiring start-up entrepreneur still needs a great business wardrobe. In the business world, who you know is still more important than what you know, and you'll need to impress important people in person. Fortunately, there are a few emerging fashion trends that can help you put your best face forward when you attend business meetings.

Emerging Fashion Trends: The Cuban Collar

The business suit is the official uniform of the corporate world. Like most uniforms, these garments leave little room for originality. Fortunately, you can show your style and flare by buying business suits with Cuban collars. The term refers to shirts that have a collar cut in a similar manner to that of a tuxedo.

While these shirts were popularized by young hipsters, they are typically of the button-up variety. Cuban collar shirts are available from a number of different designers and they come in many colors. Cuban collars also make your shoulders seem wider so they're ideal if you have a narrow frame. You may have trouble finding them in solid colors so you might have to reserve this option for dress-down Fridays. Most Cuban collar shirts are composed of fine linen, so it's best to hang them from luxury hangers instead of the plastic variety. Luxury Hangers are the type of hangers that you typically find in a fine hotel for the guests to use. They're much better for preserving the lifespan of the garment and they last much longer than plastic hangers.

Neutral Colors

If you've grown tired of pastels and vibrant colors, you might want to consider neutrals. These colors include the ultra-popular khaki as well as other varieties of brown. Neutral colored suits are unassuming without being bland. These are great options on colder days because it's so easy to find complimenting coats and hats. Neutral suits are also good for warmer days because they're typically composed of very delicate, breathable materials. These suits should also be hung only from luxury hangers.

Bow Ties

More and more people are abandoning the traditional tie in lieu of the bow tie. These accessories were once frowned upon because they were associated with clowns and comedians. However, the fashion trendy have embraced the bow tie as a viable option and perhaps you should a well.