New Air Jordan Shoes anniversary Tinker Hafeid 15th and Mickael Jordan to work together to design the history of the most outstanding basketball shoes. This is the history of Nike's first pair of Nike Considered design spirit of basketball shoes, shoes development and design details and strive to reduce waste, and try to use environmentally friendly materials, while without losing the sports performance of the shoes. Mickael Jordan on the tongue of the thumbprint printing, toe signature on the side of the shoe and hand-sewn pattern, so that Air Jordan XX3 truly memorable and collection of classic shoes. The future is at hand, and performance is redefined. AIR JORDAN XX2 is to follow the legendary star Mickael Jordan who tailored a basketball shoes. Improved I.P.S. cushioning system now includes advanced cushioning technology, the exposed type of bearing shaft can be exchanged for two cushioning system. Strengthen the titanium alloy Shoe support plate for the middle of the feet and foot arch to provide support. Cikuan design by the F-22 fighter-inspired fighter on the pitch, filling its extraordinary superior air superiority.
Jordans 2017 - Air Jordan XIV is another innovation and engineering design of the leap, the performance of luxury riding, full grain leather material and Zoom Air cushioning air cushion, plus the central ventilation holes more shoes permeability. Mickael Jordan love cars, so Air Jordan XIV with his big toy Ferrari M550 sports car as a design inspiration. Now, thanks to Mickael Jordan's brilliant achievements, Air Jordan XIV shoes have been promoted to classic shoes, many collectors and sports shoes experts as the most comfortable Air Jordan shoes. . Mickael Jordan is expected to re-enter their beloved stadium, so he threw himself into the Air Jordan XVII design. Air Jordan XVII AIR JORDAN series of shoes is the most expensive one, this shoe is inspired by jazz - solid shoe material provides a solid foundation for the shoes, full of dynamic material and many of the space for improvisation. In Washington, Mickael Jordan's stadium reminds people that he can still dunk. He finished with a career-high 30,000 points in a duel with the Chicago Bulls he had played for. Air Jordan XVII shoes with metal shoe box, with shoes presented a presentation Nike Air Jordan XVII development process CD, you can think of shoes with jazz? Can you think of the Air Jordan 17 is the most expensive Jordan shoes? Can you think of Mickael Jordan in this pair of shoes in the design occupies a very important position? Air Jordan 17 is the case, noble and elegant, high performance, expensive, these three words enough to evaluate Air Jordan 17.
New Jordans 2016 design inspired by the two flying objects: Mickael Jordan and X-15 speed jet fighters. Air Jordan XV shoes are designed with special materials, coupled with the aerodynamic design. Air Jordan XV in the heel, can clearly see a row of figures, the number of this is 23,6,15, representing the Mickael Jordan jersey number / total number of championship / AIR JORDAN model. Although Mickael Jordan has not played in the game, but this section of the shoe design proved to be as always welcome. Maybe this pair of shoes left you the impression that only his strange shape, after all, that year, Mickael Jordan chose to retire. But there are still a lot of people inherited Mickael Jordan's dominance - including his rival Miller. Air Jordan 15's performance is outstanding, whether it is protective or comfort is perfect, although the strange shape, but in today's pursuit of the trend of the times, this unique Air Jordan 15 is even more likable. This pair of bulky shoes is in accordance with the supersonic X-15 fighter design. The soles of the few figures also mark the great Mickael Jordan. Was very bizarre preparation surface design, is now the red and purple of the original design of the original body of WOVEN, Air Jordan 15 is how the trend can be seen.