So your carpet may have a long life and long-lasting, it is important that it’s kept clean; dust, gravel and sand wear out the carpet and the consumption is known most often first at the level of the fringes and edges.

It is best to wash your carpeting regularly, allowing the hair to be able to swell again and fibers that will compose it to regain your vigor and original softness.

The rug cleaning is not really a hygiene factor, certainly important, but it is a very important for the actual conservation of natural fibers and, therefore, to restore its unique soft and fluffy essence with all the splendor of colors and shades

Keeping your carpet clean at all times is important not only pertaining to reasons of hygiene, but also because the dust and splorcano time and wear your plot and the fleece, which makes it lose its natural elasticity , gentleness and shine.

The end result? The fibers become stiff and then crumble, specifically carpet is placed in nearby environments or too dry. An additional danger moths are annoying, simply because they feed on wool and reproduce in small and without very much light. Normally they are positioned inside fleece and lay countless eggs in a few weeks. Sometimes these ravenous insects get through the wool at the peak of node: the rug would seem intact, but ends up sacrificing the wool when changing vacuum.

Aspiratura – mechanical system to remove airborne debris and foreign particles from the rug.
Dry carpet DUPLEX

the machine allows an optimum washing of the carpet coming from both sides, keeping it side to side avoiding deformations that the mechanical action of the dry cleanup can create. The water wash with detergent enzyme restores shine to the colors eliminating a good mites from the carpet. It shall, upon request, treatments that will eliminate 'any inconvenience' that can happen in the actual home

Dry Carpeting and rugs: Shampooing

But when the carpet needs to be spot-is more appropriate and adequate system of shampooing, its own dry cleaning is also efficient to consolidated stains.

Dry Carpets: Method Bonnet

To perform a deep washing of carpets is necessary to make use of special machines that, by mixing the mechanical action of a rotating brush to that of a chemical detergents suitable for carpets, reach and eliminate the dust that lurks between the plots of land of tappeto.Questo method specialist cleaning of carpets, called Cowl (also used for carpets), is specially suitable for natural fibers including wool.

Why do you use Heated Carpet Cleaners?

It is very important understand how a carpet cleaner will develop your carpet with sensitive fibers or the soft material covers. You need a machine that won’t only offer the convenience of use, but also attack the dirt and grime on all forms of carpets and rugs. Heated carpet cleaners can do a better career, especially in cleaning carpets within commercial facilities where heavy footfalls usually leave the floor coverings in a mess and you need to clean them at fairly frequent intervals.

Portable carpet cleaner machines are regarding two types – heated and non-heated. The former includes a heating element that can heat the water and clean a lot better than non-heated carpet cleaners. Cleansing machines that do not offer you heated output can, however, become handy in cleaning carpets and rugs that are sensitive to heat and do not really require a powerful cleaning mechanism. These types of machines are often used for cleaning residential floor coverings. For commercial carpet cleaning, warmed up carpet cleaners are preferred since the job is more challenging and involves dealing with stubborn, difficult-to-remove stains, and inserted debris.