LEM Group has a number of companies around the world, sales offices around the world. Switzerland, Geneva, Copenhagen, Japan, Japan Machida, Beijing, China as the world's four major production centers LEM. LEM JAPAN is the research Sensor and development center of LEM Japan, the main research and development of open-loop principle sensor; LEM has advanced power electronics research and development capabilities, with the LEM JAPAN is the research and development center of LEM headquarters in Switzerland, the main research and development closed-loop principle sensor and new product planning and pre-research; Experienced craft, equipment design capability.

Modern industries, especially the rapid development of new energy industry, the current and voltage sensors put forward higher and higher requirements: miniaturization; accuracy; wide temperature range, diversified and convenient installation methods and so on. LEM predicted Suction Control Valve this trend, HO series came into being. The birth of this series of current sensors can be said to be a new milestone in current sensors. LEM now has four major business areas, industrial, railway, energy and automation, automotive. The main target markets in the field are: railway locomotives, subway and track signals, etc .; energy and automation. The main target markets are: railway locomotives, subway and track signals, etc., and the new energy sources of solar energy and wind energy are the main target markets: frequency converter, servo, power supply and UPS, Mainly related to the field of battery monitoring and other areas; and LEM is a new business areas, mainly in the automotive electronics and hybrid cars and fuel cell vehicle control.

Chuang Electronics has LEM original order channels, long-term large quantities of procurement, in foreign countries with more than 50 warehouses, professional customs procedures, to solve some of the shortage or discontinued imports of electronic components of the product supply to ensure that products genuine. In the company's joint efforts of all staff and the majority Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of customers to support, support, in the fierce competition in the IC market, the company continued innovation, and gradually develop, now has a considerable size and strength in the electronics industry enjoys a high reputation!

Chong Wei Electronics adhere to the original order, refused to dealers purchase channels, 100% to ensure that the source of electronic components channels. Chuangwei electronic sales of a genuine real product, not only to win the recognition of customers, but also to consolidate the company's 'integrity management' image. Chong-long long-term cooperation with the LEM brand brands are: LEM sensors, LEM programmer, LEM transformers, and so on. LEM as a leader in the field of power sensors, has been committed to providing customers with innovative, high-quality solutions. LEM's core products are current, voltage sensors, widely used in renewable energy, power, servo, welding, locomotives Throttle Position Sensor and electric vehicles and other fields. To promote the future of innovation in the global microelectronics company.