America is falling.

The constitution dead.

Freedom's going up in smoke.

The bill of rights is sick in bed.

We are becoming a police state.

Courts say they need those tools.

That's what was said in Germany,

and made them all such fools.

They took away all peoples rights,

and sent them into war.

It was for there freedom,

why should anyone know more?

Every despot in the world,

told those kind of lies.

Come on people look around,

open up your eyes.

Nonviolent offenders,

are filling up our jails.

While killers get out quickly,

and easily make there bails.

Where is our country going?

What is it we can do?

Vote out the incumbent.

Start trusting only you.

There is no one in power,

who really has a care.

About the average person,

or even what is fair.

They have there own agenda,

clearly it's a fact.

All you really have to do,

is look at how they act.

Then tell me I am lying,

or you can not see.

I am only asking you to look,

not give your trust to me.

Rew 2/20/04 rewrite