MEMS sensors are popular with the market for motion, acceleration, tilt and vibration measurement. MEMS sensors are system-in-a-package solutions with high resolution, low power consumption and compact size. MEMS is completely different from Sensor the semiconductor chip that utilizes the electrical properties of silicon. The core components of MEMS do not have a gate-to-source triplet, but a micro-mechanical structure made entirely of silicon. A typical MEMS structure includes a mass moment slider, a spring and a damper, and the working principle is basically the same as the mass spring model. A few years ago, MEMS sensor 'consumer electronics' trend. MEMS sensors are beginning to penetrate into the consumer electronics market to address a variety of application issues.
MEMS sensors can add an intuitive man-machine interface to mobile phones, MP3 / MP4 players, PDAs or game consoles, enabling people to interact with devices that install MEMS sensors. In the equipment such as washing machines or dryers, MEMS accelerometers can also act as vibration detectors. When the load in the machine is unbalanced, the washing machine will notify the user of the alarm to prevent the machine from being prematurely worn before the failure.

Uniaxial and biaxial accelerometers are widely used in automotive passive safety systems such as front airbags and side airbags. Accelerometers and gyroscopes are also used in navigation systems and active safety systems such as ABS brake systems and wheel dynamic stability control systems.

Consumer electronics manufacturers are looking for micro, low, low voltage, low power MEMS sensors. Slim design is the mobile phone, MP3 and MP4 players and portable PC and other battery-powered product development trends. Moreover, multi-axis sensors have become a prerequisite for consumer electronics devices, allowing consumers to activate Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor any function from any physical location. In portable products, there is no fixed MEMS sensor application reference framework.

In addition, the life cycle of consumer electronics products is getting shorter and shorter, so product designers require MEMS to be quickly and seamlessly integrated into the final application.

At the forefront of MEMS technology, STMicroelectronics has begun to integrate multiple sensors in one package: accelerometers, gyroscopes, geomagnets, and this solution enhances the functionality and performance of various applications, including motion monitoring. The integrated sensor enables autonomous systems and automation systems to monitor specific conditions and translate them into operations without the need for a small amount of user intervention.

In portable mobile devices such as mobile phones, game consoles, and personal navigation systems, a sensor capable of accurately measuring the angular rate of three orthogonal axes can achieve 360 ​​° angular rate detection and high-precision recognition of 3D gestures and actions. In addition, a 3-axis accelerometer with a gyroscope allows designers to develop inertial measurement units that track the movement type, speed and direction of the human body, cars and other objects and provide complete information about them. STMicroelectronics accelerometer built-in a lot fuel metering valve of enhanced features, including click and double-click recognition, action detection / wake-up and 4D / 6D direction detection. Other important features include a programmable FIFO (first in first out) cache and two programmable interrupt signal output pins to immediately notify the host processor of the action detection, click / double event and other conditions.

The integrated compass module in the phone provides advanced location-related services in the mobile phone market to trigger an application revolution. With compass and GPS capabilities, consumers can identify and search for information about targeted goals by pointing the phone to nearby service facilities, such as a hotel or shopping mall. The motion detection and magnetic induction function together, in many ways to improve the user experience of mobile users. Application developers can solve the problem of viewing maps on mobile phones or PDAs with limited display size. They place the user's current location Temperature Sensor at the bottom of the map. The rest of the display shows the forward direction (just above), the user Able to obtain accurate advance information. When there is no GPS signal, can indicate a person or car is moving in the direction. The solution also supports on-the-spot speculation applications, including navigating in places where GPS signals are not or weak, for example, in high-rise buildings or in lush mountainous environments.

STMicroelectronics has integrated a 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis digital geomagnetometer in the LSM303DLH module. This digital compass combines high-performance, small size, low power and many other advantages, to meet the market for advanced navigation capabilities and emerging intelligent positioning services, the growing demand. STMicroelectronics' high-performance system-on-a-package digital compass uses Honeywell's magnetoresistive technology to facilitate the use of enhanced electronic compass functionality in portable consumer electronics devices including azimuth search, map / display orientation, Positioning services and pedestrian speculation.

STMicroelectronics MEMS Smart Sensors. 'Smart Sensors' integrates MEMS devices and processors in a single package, eliminating the need for a processor to run independently ABS Sensor of a processor without the need for a host processor, which can reduce system-level power consumption, which is important for power-hungry handheld devices.