In addition to the camera and lidar sensors that are used on autopilot vehicles, the V2X sensor has a wider sensing range and has the ability to view corners, to penetrate objects, to share real-time driving information with other cars and roadside equipment Ability to predict traffic information. In addition, V2X is the only one can not be affected by fog and heavy rain and other weather conditions affect Sensor the sensing device. V2X technology can provide 360-degree situational awareness of the road to enhance the safety of driving. According to the US Department of Transportation data, V2X technology can reduce traffic accidents by 80%. Only in the United States, which will reduce annual 594,000 traffic accidents and save up to 1321 lives, there is little a new technology can be like V2X so have the potential to save lives.

  The technology will also bring about $ 71 billion in annual economic benefits to the United States. Therefore, from the government agencies to the urban transport sector and then to the car manufacturers, the automotive market, each node began to focus on V2X technology. In the past 10 years, V2X technology has been in different areas to show its value, and now the technology has begun to take off. With V2X technology, cars on the road can exchange data with each other through an open band, known as Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC), similar to Wi-Fi or 5G technology. By sharing car driving data in real time, cars on the same road can share their real-time location to prevent traffic accidents. In addition, it can reduce the risk of traffic jams, thereby reducing driving time and improve the overall traffic environment. V2I technology allows cars Suction Control Valve to exchange data with their surrounding cars and infrastructure via wireless networks, including crossroads driving rules, speed control, electronic billing, construction areas and bridge warning lights. This technology may even change the transport infrastructure, including red, green and weather information systems, in which algorithms are implanted to identify high-risk situations and make them smarter.

    V2P technology allows pedestrians and cyclists to join the V2X environment and use their phones to send and receive alerts, communicate with infrastructure such as traffic lights and crosswalks. Automated driving vehicles need to be designed to be more autonomous, so it requires high-precision sensors to identify the surrounding driving environment. There are fuel metering valve a lot of sensors currently installed on the vehicle, V2X is just one of them.
V2X sensors can provide more environmental information than other sensors, and even provide predictive information. Installed V2X sensors for cars and trucks to get traffic, traffic lights and other information, and share the entire road to other cars.
The bridge to the future V2X sensor can be easily installed in existing cars and trucks, the installation method is similar to the installation of GPS navigator. This advantage is very important, because not every car can become an autopilot car overnight. With the installation of the V2X sensor more and more cars, the information in this network can be better shared. Each car with V2X installed is a network node, which transforms the entire road environment into an Internet-like information sharing network. So, for automatic driving, V2X is an important basic project.

  Government departments and the auto industry are actively promoting new technologies and full automatic driving, but all this premise is to ensure safety. Everyone who works in this exciting industry has the responsibility to ensure that motorized and non-motorized vehicles on the road can coexist safely. V2X technology has been proven to protect the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, it laid the Level 3 automatic driving car to become the basis of reality. Cars and other cars, infrastructure, pedestrians and cycling riders together to create a traffic Speed Sensor environment information sharing network, and this environment for each of the outlets are useful. With the overall advancement of V2X, it becomes only a matter of time for the main driver to drive automatically.