For autopilot cars, laser radar, computer vision and radar are three important sensors to avoid obstacles, in addition to the new technology companies, leading the automobile market for many years the manufacturers are not slack, and even has always Sensor been driving pleasure Porsche is also selling a new office in Silicon Valley. Porsche Digital General Manager Thilo Koslowski said in a statement that the car will be the ultimate mobile device for the future, and there is no doubt that the future will be born in Silicon Valley.

  At the time of Quanergy Systems CEO Louay Eldada, it is not surprising that the attention and input of LIDAR research and development is outside. The Sunnyvale Lidder has already invested $ 120 million in Daimler, Delphi, and Samsung. LIDAR can be considered the most powerful sensor, but because of price and reliability and other reasons, it is far away from the popularity of the distance. In fact, most of the LIDAR companies are no production line of semiconductor companies, the sensor chip companies have to rely on TSMC to help OEM. Samsung is one Pressure Sensor of Quanergy's largest investors, and in addition to driving the car automatically, it also wants to integrate the laser radar into the smartphone. At the same time, Quanergy's sensor technology may also become the future of Samsung's home appliances standard.

  In addition to becoming the autopilot industry 'Pocket Pearl', Lidder has gradually started in other markets. California's Cepton Technologies has launched its own wide-angle lidar product at NVIDIA's GPU technology conference, which combines both automotive and industrial applications. Cepton said its lidar products can detect objects 200 meters away. Automatic driving has become a secondary goal, because whether or not driving automatically, the road car will become a digital map database users and data collectors. The concept of ADAS has been gradually accepted by the public, it can effectively reduce the accident rate, and has penetrated into many vehicles, so the future ABS Sensor of the technology will not enter the phantom period. However, compared with ADAS, autopilot is a completely different thing. As a leader in the industry, Waymo's technology is really exciting. When you first saw the car on the road, the feeling was like seeing the movie for the first time or seeing the car.

  ADAS is not a threat to traditional technology, but autopilot is. Its influence is quite large, the future will have a large number of car manufacturers can not keep up with the pace of drained. Intel's $ 15 billion acquisition of Mobileye is the best evidence, the chip giant is seeking a transformation, and the reason for the transformation is that it has been created by the personal computing era has been replaced by mobile computing, and automatic driving is copying the rise of smart phones. Artificial intelligence is also a key technology for automating driving. Each chip Throttle Position Sensor manufacturer wants to divide a piece of cake, but wants to seize the market you have to hold a powerful visual sensor. Although a lot of technology comes from US companies, but the investment in the laser radar market funds and no geographical restrictions.