Greetings all.  I am a 56 year old retired woman living with her elderly parents.  We all have mobility issues.  My mom and I have severe back problems.  I'm working on mine but will be a year plus before I can see the back doctor for surgery (weight issues).  My dad has varying degrees of dementia.  The meds we have him on I think are finally losing their effectiveness.  

Here's my question to you all:  I want to shut off the doggone TV for most of the day.  It interfers with my ability to do things (distraction for my ADD, but I end up doing nothing when its on).  I know its not healthy for my folks to sit there all day and chill on electronic solitaire and TV.  For me, I have started a blog on my reinvention of self journey.  From my research, sitting all day is a killer.  Even when working on my blog, I'm sitting.  Now that school has started, I will start swimming again on payday.  But that's only an hour a day.  

What kind of activities do you all suggest for the three of us?  Tomorrow, I know I will hear it from my mom, but we will walk up to the paper box and grab the paper.  Again, only a few minutes and I know my mom won't make it the entire distance.  

I can get puzzles, try to get them crafting, but will that be enough?

am I making sense?

BTW I will be checking in at the pool to see what assistance they have for my folks getting in and out of the pool.