In the past couple of months, Locum doctors have witnessed a negative attitude from the government of the United Kingdom which has forced a huge list of GPs to leave the job. The lack of understanding towards practitioner's work has deliberately increased the gap between the co-workers. 

It just doesn't end here, a lot of Locum GP doctors have complained of patients with acute issues consuming their time during the sessions. They have also been called up at 3 AM take care of an ill person. A&E GPs are exhausted and fatigued with the workload which gives them less time to take rest. The fact that Locum doesn't have an immediate access to ECGs, blood tests, x-rays for acutely unwell patients makes them helpless at times. 

List of Common Myths About Locum

Myth 1: If you are regular full-time doctor you can’t work as a Locum

Myth 2: Locum doctors are not able to build relationships with their patients

Myth 3: Locums earn less money than permanent physicians

Myth 4: The Curriculum Vitae (CV) of a Locum isn’t alluring

Myth 5: It’s an unstable and insecure job to work for

Myth 6: It is demanding and unpredictable 

Myth 7: GPs are considered inexperienced

Myth 8: Time consuming Paperwork 

Myth 9: Have to work in an undesirable location

Myth 10: Might not get welcomed by patients or co- workers

Benefits of working as a Locum in the United Kingdom?

  1. GP doctors are the additional staff appointed to fill in the gap or shortage of ward in the hospital. 
  2. They are able to spend quality time with their family and focus on other interests they want to pursue in life. 
  3. It gives practitioners an opportunity to try a wide range of jobs without any compliances.
  4. Due to its fascinating factors of earning higher hourly supplements to the income. 
  5. It not only gives the General Practitioner to enjoy both his working as well as personal life but also to the family who can explore new cities or region. 
  6. It also offers appraisals to the locum every year along with evidence of working in multiple workplaces.
  7. If your documents are up to date, you don’t have to wait for a job for a longer period of time. Locum often starts working in a week after the documentation. 
  8. Your hard work and stability may get your working term extended if the practice is impressed. 

Therefore, as a GP doctor, you have to manage your own career and finances. From professional developments to managing the time sheets and framing up your own pension, have to be decided by you. You can also earn an extra monetary bonus for recommending your friends or colleagues in the medical industry to the agency you have been serving to or have served. 

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