To many seniors, living in the past is rummaging through memoires and picking the best to dwell on, and flicking the worst aside and putting them in that black hole in the brain and hoping they don’t escape again and ruin the day.

Living in the future is playing with fantasies, wishes, and dreams. Planning the undone and creating something you can do. It’s in that part of the brain where flower buds are waiting to grow into beautiful blooms; something good, something to make you happy, something better than now.

In making the preparations for the future, whether a onetime point of newness, or a long term arrangement of a lifestyle, there are many points that have to be considered. “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward,” said the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, and those backward understandings are the experiences you have had and what you have as a result.

Some of the items to consider in planning your future are finances, geography, a timeline, and with whom. How much money have you saved for this plan and is there enough for the total plan all at once, or parts of it one at a time?; where do you want to do this thing, at home, or at a place you had visited, or a place you had seen in a brochure or in a magazine?; when can you do it, of course in the future, but soon next week, next year, or sometime down the line?; who are you going to do this with (if you have a life partner, then that is a given) or one or two close friends who have retired about the same time you did and have a similar past and the same dreams of a future life? You might want to start writing these things down in your plan book.

This is an excerpt from an article in but it also is my personal philosophy. I only want to move forward. Whatever has already happened....well it already happened. I can not change my past and really in order to get to THIS place and time I had to have those experiences so I could not wish to change them. More importantly, moving forward should be an active daily plan. We can retire and do nothing for the rest of our days but if we are breathing we should be moving forward, toward something.

How are you moving forward? Who are you going there with?