Powertrain supplier GKN (GKN) announced the latest research Sensor and development achievements in the motor - lightweight eAxle, and called it 'the world's most advanced electrified vehicle powertrain technology.'

   The system will be officially unveiled later this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is said to be smaller, lighter than the existing power system on the market and can be used for front, rear or four wheel drive models. It has a two-speed transmission, has been transformed to maximize the efficiency, but also equipped with GKN's famous Twinster torque vector distribution technology, Ford Focus RS, Land Rover Range Rover Aurora and Vauxhall's Insignia GSi has used the Twinster technology. GKN Group claims that eAxle has a wide range of potential uses. It is light and simple, is the ideal configuration for small electric vehicles. Despite the success of Renault Zoe and Nissan, people have long believed Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor that heavyweight electric vehicle drives are not suitable for small cars. GKN also pointed out that the technology is a one-piece installation, so have the production advantages, compared to other needs to install complex components of the technology, you can save a lot of time.

  As for the technology is interested in the car brand, GKN Group did not mention. But BMW and Porsche before Temperature Sensor its all-wheel drive system to invest, so there are speculation that the two brands may be the first to use the technology.