One must have a physician in the loop for the times of emergency or just keeping health in balance. You may know many doctors but, reliability and trust are the next level factors! The JAMA survey states that 89% patients pick their primary physicians based on whether they accept their health insurance, 59% go with the location convenience, 46% of them check the physician experience first while only 34% go by referral. Some simply check the doctor ratings on reviews site to get the details and some genuine feedbacks.

While just a google search of “Top Clinics and Doctors Reviews in the US” cannot fetch you the best results until you yourself go for a doctor drill, We understand that finding a doctor who best understands and communicates about your medical problems is not at all a cup of tea, and that’s what we’re going to discuss here. To help us out in this, there are a number of doctor review sites available on the internet today, showing the local hospital reviews in the US, top clinics and doctors reviews in the US, and a lot more! Earlier, most of us used to rely on our families and friends for such recommendations, but today we have the power of the internet at our fingertips. And yes, we’re glad this trend came in, and why not, it simplifies our search and provides relevant answers to our important and obvious questions like-

Here are the steps to get you straight to the point:

1. Check your Insurance

The first step could be checking your insurer’s directory or simply looking for a search tab on the website for the doctors in the network. As this could also get a confirmation of the doctor accepting your insurance!

2. Look for the Hospital in Network

The choice of the hospital depends on the chosen doctor and that, in turn, is a must look after! Check the hospital ratings in which your chosen doctor is getting admitting privileges and compare it with others to make the right choice.

3. Consider Compatibility 

More than half of Americans focus on personality and relationship when choosing a physician. Keep your doubts in the form of questions to get the future compatibility issues sorted. For instance, does the doctor listen to you patiently? Are you fully answered? Is your follow up date specified? Did you get the complete solution for what you visited? Your first visit could be a litmus test!

4. Enquire about Drug Reps

Check what’s the doctor’s take on choosing the drug reps, does he allow the quotes to come directly to him or he has someone already finalized for providing the medications as per the prescription. This is something to look after because getting quotes and flipping the reps can consume his time and this is a visible evidence of the attitude of the doctor towards his dedication to the practice.  Also, relying only on brand names could affect the patients pocket too!

In addition to providing you appropriate results for your searches like local hospital reviews in the US and top clinics and doctors reviews in the US, these healthcare review portals give you genuine reasons to change your search criteria and method right now!