I don't put on a show to comprehend what love is for everybody, except I can reveal to you what it is really going after; love is thoroughly understanding somebody, and as yet needing to be with them more than some other person, love is believing them enough to inform them everything regarding yourself, including the things you may be embarrassed about, love is feeling great and safe with somebody, yet at the same time getting powerless knees when they stroll into a room and grin at you.

Love is a standout amongst the most wonderful emotions on the planet. To love and to be loved back, to administer to and be minded back, to long for and be ached for consequently, is just enchanted! Love is one such feeling that can be communicated in perpetual ways; yet, can't be characterized totally in words. If you wish to realize what is love, experience the accompanying accumulation of Romantic Love Status.

To love and be loved is the very embodiment of life. Love is something that props us up amid a portion of the hardest skirmishes of life. It can be man's most prominent quality, but then one of his greatest shortcoming. Love is all that and considerably more, yet above all else it is something that makes us glad. It is a delightful feeling that people have been endeavoring to catch in words since times immemorial. So much has been stated, and expounded on love. Indeed, nothing says it like silliness in the mentioned Love Status that you can appreciate and share with others.