Are you planning a Laos holiday trip? Are you going to visit Luang Prabang? Then make sure you do not miss any of these must-see of Luang Prabang. You can consider booking a guided Luang Prabang day trips to explore those wonderful sights and have the utmost fun and enjoyment.

Here are some things to do and see on a day trip to Luang Prabang, please have a look!

  1. The Kuang Si Waterfalls:

The Kuang Si Waterfalls is one of the top rated attractions in Luang Prabang, which you can explore on a day trip. As one of the Laos’ most well-known natural landmarks- the Kuang Si Waterfalls is considered as the biggest waterfall in the area with three cascading tiers that form a 50-metre drop to create beautiful natural pools. On your day trip to Kuang Si Waterfalls, you will get a chance to experience the tranquility amongst the breathtaking surroundings. At this magical place, there are plenty of things to see and explore.

Tour to Kuang si falls takes around half day and you can combine with other sights to make it full day. Luang Prabang elephant camp is a good choice to combine with.

  1. Visit the Golden City Temple Wat Xieng Thong:

Luang Prabang is renowned for its beautiful architecture. If you want to see one of the amazing architectural examples in Luang Prabang, then visit the  Golden City Temple  Wat Xieng Thong. By visiting this temple, you will get a chance to see the fascinating architecture, beautifully restored wall painting and elaborate mosaics. It is believed that the Wat Xieng Thing was the location for the coronation of Lao Kings. Today, this place is still an important gathering place for some significant annual festivities.

  1. Explore the Pak Ou Caves:

Also known as the Buddha caves, the Pak Ou caves are one of the most respected holy sites in Laos. If you want to enjoy a fun filled and exciting day trip in Laos, then exploring the Pak Ou caves will prove to be worth. You can reach this place by enjoying a 25-kilometer scenic boat ride down the Mekong river that will spice up your travel experience. The Pak Ou caves are packed with over 4000 Buddha statues and are considered as the shrine to the river spirit and Lord Buddha. Remember, this attraction in Luang Prabang requires entry fees.

  1. Enjoy the Local Lao Food:

As a traveler, you will love to explore the culture, religion, heritage, and cuisine of the Laos. In this case, on your day trip to Laos, you must try the local Lao food! At Luan Prabang, you will get a chance to taste a range of delicious dishes. There are many dining hubs like the Lao Lao Garden to enjoy a delicious and mouthwatering local Lao food at a beautiful fairy forest backdrop.

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