September 11 to 13, 2017 China International Sensor Technology and Application Exhibition As Asia's highest standard sensor and networking industry event, held in Shanghai multinational procurement exhibition center. The activities are supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission as the guiding unit, the China Sensor and Internet of Things Industry Alliance (SIA) and the Shanghai Science Sensor and Technology Exhibition Co., Ltd. as the sponsor, Shanghai Micro Technology Industry Research Institute. During the exhibition, the electronic engineering album reporter interviewed a number of local sensor manufacturers, such as Mai Lok, Han Wei Wei Sheng, Shield, and so on, to understand that these local sensor manufacturers, in the consumer, industrial, intelligent empty, and even Is the field of automotive electronics, are R \u0026 D to create a high level of sensors, and want to borrow the rapid development of the East, the domestic sensors will be applied to the market at home and abroad.

   Hangzhou Maikeke Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production, sales and technical support of high-end infrared sensor, sensor and sensor technology. It is a high-tech enterprise in the United States, Canada , Germany, Japan, South Korea established five offices. Technically, the company is the current domestic signal to noise ratio and transmittance, cut-off rate, the highest sensitivity of the infrared features of sensitive components and sensor manufacturers, in the field of sensor technology has more than 70 core patented technology, Used in aerospace, intelligent home, consumer electronics, intelligent medical, environmental protection, fire safety, mining, power electronics, car networking and other fields. McLeak has thousands of high-end customers in the world, is the world's high-end infrared sensor components in the most complete variety of spot manufacturers, the most cost-effective supplier, by the German Association of Sensing Technology (AMA) evaluation Temperature Sensor of the world's most high-end four Infrared detection sensor components of one of the manufacturers. 'Temperature and humidity we have to do industrial-grade temperature, the temperature to achieve the accuracy of 0.01 degrees, which is the industry's highest precision.' Lu Jing said in particular. Although the company's market focus in the past overseas, but with the domestic Internet of things, smart home, industrial 4.0 and artificial intelligence and other hot markets to grow rapidly, Mike will be introduced in the country more modular solutions, and domestic smart home Program providers and machine companies together to promote the development of the market.

  Hanwei Technology Group Co., Ltd. is the largest gas sensor and instrument manufacturer in China, listed on the GEM. At present Hanwei Technology Group is a well-known enterprises in the Internet of Things industry. Han Wei Technology Group founder and chairman Ren Hongjun in the sensor, instrument industry, the Internet of Things industry and industrial security, has a high reputation. In 1998, Hanwei Technology was established in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the company independent research and development to produce a variety of sensors, detectors. Under the Speed Sensor leadership of Renhong, Hanwei has become the largest manufacturer of gas sensors and gas detection instruments in China with the largest and most diversified products. 20170914-sensor-china-2 Figure: Zhengzhou Wei Sheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. hardware architect Liu Jian Gang

   In the company after the restructuring, the company's company in 2003 set up a special R \u0026 D and production of gas sensors subsidiary Wei Sheng Technology. Zhengzhou Weisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. hardware architect Liu Jianang in the Sensor China 2017 exhibition to accept the electronic engineering album interview, said Wei Sheng Technology is now a wide range of products, including infrared gas sensors, electrochemical gas sensors, flat semiconductor gas Sensors, carrier catalytic components, semiconductor gas sensors, flow sensors, pyroelectric sensors, heat conduction gas sensors, solid electrolyte gas sensors, hot-wire gas sensors, pressure sensors, MEMS sensors, and other series of more than 200 varieties, More than 300 kinds of gas detection. Company R \u0026 D staff of more than 200 people, with more than 80 gas sensors and related fields of patent and non-patent core technology.

  This session of the SENSOR CHINA exhibition is mainly on the Shield of the unique characteristics of the harsh media compatible MEMS pressure sensor, in the most demanding environment to ensure high performance, high reliability, widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration, automotive, industrial And other fields. We have on this basis, for the electric car thermal management, industrial heat pump and other sub-applications, introduced within the integrated Button sensor (button sensor), temperature and pressure integrated sensors and other innovative products. 'Weak media-compatible MEMS pressure sensors are mainly used in commercial air conditioning and automotive.' Whether in commercial Throttle Position Sensor air conditioning or automotive, we have a very successful application case in China. In the combination of sensors, the song is pioneering the microphone, barometer and temperature sensor integrated in one, by optimizing the signal processing circuit and the latter part of the calibration algorithm to eliminate a variety of sensing devices between the crosstalk, to meet the product multi-function applications The need to save space and reduce costs. Gose developed heart rate sensor through the sensor unit and ASIC circuit integrated package, internal and external LED flexible configuration, and with independent research and development of high-precision algorithm with the realization of mobile phones, watches, bracelets and other different scenarios required for the application of heart rate monitoring The

   With the rise of smart speakers, robots, smart wear, AR and other intelligent terminal application scenarios, 3D camera sensing market and micro-projection market will be 'explosive' growth. Gole is the only provider of microblogging interactive technology solutions for LBS (Laser Beaming Scanning), a powerful precision optical module design and manufacturing capability. At the show, Goel brought a microprojection Pressure Switch module based on the LBS technology solution and applied to the Orange VOGA handset, as well as the LBS Micro Projection + Image Interactive Module product.

   In the domestic Internet of things and sensors to accelerate the development of the same time, many cities have set up their own industrial innovation park, nested Feng Feng cable enterprises stationed to attract high-level talent at home and abroad, and encourage local entrepreneurs to respond to the government's dual call The