As one of the most important sensors for autopilot cars, the role of car lasers in automating the 'tiring' tide is becoming increasingly important, such as Google, Baidu, BMW, Bosch, Delphi and other enterprises, are in their Sensor automatic driving The system uses a laser radar, driving the vehicle laser radar industry is rapidly expanding.
  Car laser radar, also known as vehicle three-dimensional laser scanner, is a mobile three-dimensional laser scanning system, you can launch and receive laser beam, laser analysis of the target object after the reentry time to calculate the target object and vehicle relative distance, And use the collected three-dimensional coordinates of the dense point of the target surface, reflectivity and other information, the rapid reconstruction of the target three-dimensional model and a variety of image data, the establishment of three-dimensional point Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor cloud map, drawing the environment map to achieve environmental awareness purpose. Currently on the market are more common 8-line, 16-line and 32-line laser radar, 64-line products also have, but relatively less. From the effect speaking, the more laser radar harness, the higher the accuracy of measurement, the higher the security.

The advantages of LIDAR Compared with other automotive sensor identification technology (standard vehicle radar and millimeter-wave radar, etc.), the lidar has a very high distance resolution, angular resolution and speed resolution, and high detection accuracy, wide detection range; Anti-interference ability; real-time access to the amount of information is relatively rich, can directly obtain the target distance, angle, reflection intensity, speed and fuel metering valve other information, generate target multi-dimensional images.
Another big advantage is that the environmental limitations of laser radar work is relatively small, that is, regardless of day or night can be used normally, do not rely on external lighting conditions or the target itself, the radiation characteristics.

Although the advantages of laser radar can work all day, but the lidar is very susceptible to weather, such as rain and snow, fog and other weather conditions, the detection performance will become worse, especially in the snow, The use of laser radar to perceive the surrounding environment or navigation, there will be unable to identify the camera lane, can not draw an effective environment map, etc., it is difficult to ensure the real driving safety.

  On the other hand, the more the lidar, the more expensive the price, the cost problem can be said to be a major disadvantage, but as mentioned above, the higher price of the multi-beam means that the Temperature Sensor measurement accuracy is relatively high, Security considerations, the current dominant position is still high-priced lidar, but low-cost is the current trend of its development.

At present, the car laser radar products and manufacturers are mainly concentrated in foreign countries, including the United States Velodyne company, the United States Quanegy company and the German company IBEO. Domestic laser radar products are mainly 2D laser radar, mostly for terrain mapping, building surveying, home service robots and other fields, but there are some new start-up Pressure Sensor companies to try to introduce laser radar into the automotive industry, then we may see more and more The more LIDAR products are on the market.

  However, with the vigorous development of unmanned technology, laser radar is experiencing a positive period, to overcome some technical problems is just around the corner, with the realization Speed Sensor of low-cost, one day, our own Home car will be equipped with such a balance of technology and security configuration.