Obstacles to achieving higher levels of autopilot can be attributed to the development of supporting infrastructure and laws and regulations, and should not be constrained by the technical level. Magna announced the latest development of the MAX4 autopilot platform to prove this point. As a highly integrated, autopilot sensor and computing platform, it has the characteristics Sensor of customization and high scalability, can achieve L4 level of automatic driving, suitable for urban roads and highway traffic.

  MAX4 in the integration process to retain the car manufacturers existing models design and modeling of the degree of freedom, the platform will not occupy the rear of the car storage space, does not affect the main cabin of the personal space. MAX4 combines computational platforms with cameras, radar (RADAR), laser radar (LiDAR), and ultrasonic sensors, making it easy to integrate on existing and future vehicle platforms for all car manufacturers - it also In hybrid models and electric cars. In addition, Magna's computing platform can be extended fuel metering valve to mass production, with a high degree of flexibility, you can upgrade the configuration, compared with other alternatives, it is in the case of insufficient power can also be fully effective.
In the MAX4 design, Magna with its own professional vehicle perspective to overcome the automatic driving platform for R \u0026 D and production in the face of the general challenges.

   The core of this research and development is to show the market a comprehensive variety of technical capabilities Magna, we provide the autopilot platform equipped with the subsystem can maintain the original models of the interior and exterior design, Magna focus on the development of mass production solutions , The flexibility to carry out vehicle integration, while the platform framework design can quickly respond to market demand, to achieve L4 level of automatic driving. One of the goals is to provide the driver with the most convenient way to operate the autopilot system, the driver can choose an intuitive, they are familiar with similar to the adaptive cruise control user interface, by pressing the button to enable. When the button is lit, it means that the vehicle is in autopilot mode, and the driver can either exit the brakes or press the emergency button Speed Sensor to exit the autopilot. According to the International Automotive Engineering Society (SAE) division, the L4-level autopilot can implement all the core security functions in a specific area without any driver's involvement. The driver does not need to be involved in the travel process. Location and navigation information. Relatively speaking, according to SAE standards, the current listing of a large number of models are still mainly used L1 and L2 level of automatic driving function, the vehicle still need to drive the initiative in the control.

   Since 2000, Magna has been developing and providing autopilot technology for automakers. Not long ago, Magna in a nearly 500 km cross-border test showed L3-level automatic driving technology, 92% of the road test vehicles Throttle Position Sensor are in automatic driving state.