There was a time when skin aging was inevitable, and all we could aspire to and hope for is to age gracefully. Today, luckily, we have numerous tools and weapons for our anti-aging battle. The reason this is important now, more than ever before, is because the effects of the sun, a stressful lifestyle and an improper diet are more common than in the past, which means that we must walk that extra mile in order to preserve our health and youth for as long as possible. Without further ado, let us take a walk on the anti-aging side, and see what it is you can do to say goodbye and good riddance to wrinkly and damaged skin.

Think Ahead

You could stop smiling, or frowning, or expressing any kind of emotion altogether, but that is not the solution. Life is meant to be lived to its fullest, so do not shy away from feeling, good and bad. Instead, attack wrinkles and skin damage before they have the time to attack you. The first tools you will need for the preemptive strike are products that are filled with antioxidants and skin-restoring ingredients, and of course, SPF.


Asian women always look a million years younger than us, and that is because they take their time with a multiple step skin care routine, and regardless of the variations, the one thing that is always in place is low exposure to the sun and moisturizers and foundations with high SPF.


Other items that should be on your list are leave-on gentle salicylic acid or glycolic acid exofilants, as they will make a huge difference and give your skin its bounce back. Retinol should also be on your list. If you need more guidance and inspiration, take a look at these great pieces of advice and find some that work best for you. You can also make your own anti-aging cleansers, creams, and much more. On how- to, head here.

Take Advantage of the Miracle of Makeup

These days, there is very little makeup cannot do. With the right foundation you can hide all the signs of skin damage, and even lighter scars. If you add a little contouring and strobbing into the mix, you can make yourself look up to ten years younger. Shimmery neutral eye shadows help make your eyes pop in a healthy and refreshed way.


Take Being Proactive to a New Level

If you have already noticed signs of aging, like that deep line between your eyebrows that just crept in from nowhere, the crow’s feet and dark circles, and you are not impressed with the results your skin care routine provides, you can always be even more proactive and take advantage of the perks of modern medicine. Turn to skin experts, and try anti-wrinkle injections, and dermal fillers. You can always opt for a face lift (if you are from Australia, there are some amazing cosmetic surgery clinics in Perth that do wonders on your skin), and tackle the problem once and for all. Just be sure to take the time needed for the recovery process.


You are What You Eat

Finally, your skin is a reflection of what goes on inside your body, so make sure you follow a proper diet to keep your youth and beauty. Some of the foods that have the ability to create magic in the skin department are blueberries (thanks to vitamins E and C, as well as high levels of antioxidants). The list then extends to all foods high in fibers, as well as salmon, olive oil and broccoli. And, no matter your age, do not forsake the most important thing of all, the source of all life – water. Always keep your body hydrated, and your skin will show it.