Luckily, today when internet access is almost regarded as a basic human right, it is easier than ever to earn money from your home and without any investments. Just enter the enormous pool of information called the “Google” and search, absorb, observe and follow world trends, analyze them and try to figure out how to squeeze yourself in those flows and earn a profit. For those who do not know where to start, here are some tips on how to make some free money.






How many times have I wished for someone to write my paper, nowadays people are getting paid to write different types of texts online. Although this kind of work requires a certain level of writing skill, it is maybe the best way to earn money online and with some practice, it can be done. You can find an article or paper writing service that will pay a solid amount of money for your work. Also, professional writers at writing service WriteMyPaper.Today offer preoofreading and editing services - so you can write for a clients online at Upwok and ask professional to male corrections. Bare in mind that that amount can grow as your skills progress.




PTC sites


These PTC (Paid To Click) sites simply offer you money to watch ads. Just log in on one of them and start watching 10-30 second long ads and get compensated. This kind of work is easy but at the same time cannot get you a large amount of income because the daily amount of ads you can watch is limited.



Micro Jobs


Online you can find a number of sites that pay you to do so called micro jobs that consist of small tasks that take a short time to complete. Those tasks vary from sharing a page, commenting on different sites, searching for some information or.





Contrary to paper writers this job requires you to rely on your reading and answering. When you register you will receive emails from various companies containing surveys asking questions about their goods or services in order to increase their sales.




Captcha solving


If you ever tried to create a profile or an account on any site you are then familiar with the term of captcha. Since there is a large number of companies in need of an even bigger number of accounts on various websites, therefore, exists an extensive demand for captcha solvers. In this line of work, speed is crucial and will secure you a bigger profit.




Affiliate marketing


This way you earn money by promoting products of popular merchants. You can use your blog, social network or your own website to promote those products and earn 4% to 15% for every sale made through your promotion.






If you have some creative ideas you can transform them into a quality content that you can post on your blog. When you get some decent traffic on your blog you can earn money in different ways. You can get sponsored reviews or put in ads from ad networks where you will get compensated for every time someone clicks on the ad that is imported in your blog






If you have any skills like web design, coding, photography, knowledge of foreign language, image editing, and others similar, you can register on som oh the freelancing sites and charge clients for your services. You can work temporarily for small or big companies, negotiate terms that suit you and make money just doing what you know best.




Sell photos


This is a clever way to use your smartphone to earn cash. You can take pictures of people, nature, your hometown or pretty much anything and submit them on a number of photo selling websites. You will get a fixed price for every photo you sell. You will also get paid multiple times for the same photo.




Domain trading


This way of profiting requires a small investment. First, you must do some research to find a good domain and then you can book it from domain register online for less than 10$. Later you can either sell it to a direct client or put it in the auction and make 10 to 1000 times the money invested depending on the domain name.




Before you start making cash this way it is important to remember a couple of things: never pay any kind of fee for any of these jobs and always check the reputation of the website or company you found by googling its reviews and complaints. A number of sites offering these jobs are a scam, so it is highly important to be careful and protect yourself from being a victim of a fraud.


As you can see, there is a variety of different jobs to begin from that require no or some level of certain skill. It is up to you to start, try all of them and finally find the one that suits you and that will become your additional or even sole source of income.