Technology has always been the key to car research and development, with the rapid development of Internet of things and artificial intelligence, and gradually penetrate into the automotive industry, a car science and technology arms race also Sensor gradually fermentation. With the original only in science fiction in the unmanned vehicles gradually turned to commercial, venture capital also increased significantly.As the city road a variety of goals are more complex, so for autopilot cars, the city road driving, than the high-speed Highway complex. The latest software system, upgraded by Google's unmanned vehicles, can monitor hundreds of targets at the same time, including pedestrians, buses, bike riders who make left turn gestures, and a man who protects students crossing the road From the parking signs. China's unmanned vehicle manufacturers said the goal of producing high-speed unmanned vehicles will be achieved in 2025. By then, the production of unmanned car dream will become a reality. This ambitious ambition was incorporated into the long-term development plan of the unmanned vehicle by the Chinese government, with a view to transforming China into an innovative and automated country.

  The ultimate goal of many start-ups and large enterprises is to change the mode of transport in the last century, from private ownership to car to share unmanned fleet, so as to use the car as needed. This vision is often combined with the transfer Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. These technologies also spawn some novel acronyms, including ACES (unmanned, networked, electric, shared car). Our definition of unmanned technology is focused on automation and connectivity.

  Of course, there are some start-ups in the development of related technologies across different technologies. However, these areas need to have very different capabilities, from industrial manufacturing to machine learning, to computer vision algorithms, a wide range. So it is not difficult to understand why start-up companies and veteran companies competing to come in. The automation industry is facing important changes. The goal is to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership in terms of autopilot, networked vehicles and smart mobile services. And Baidu's cooperation will help his business is committed to the battery, machinery, electronic control fuel metering valve and other core technologies. June 1, Germany Automation Supply Chain Bosch (announced plans to work with Baidu team to work together on intelligent transportation cooperation. Bosch executives Dirk Hoheisel said the two companies will make every effort to use their technology and experience to promote intelligent The popularity of.

  China Beiqi Group and Jiang pushed the car with Daimler, Volkswagen also signed a cooperation intention. Volkswagen and Jiang push the car announced that they will jointly set up capital to produce electric vehicles, and said the partnership will be combined with the German industry 4.0 and '2025 China manufacturing strategy' to carry out. The current Google unmanned car has traveled more than 300,000 miles. Google Unmanned Vehicles 'see' other vehicles through cameras, radar sensors and laser range finder, and use detailed maps (we collect them by hand driving vehicles) for navigation. Our manual driving vehicle Speed Sensor to collect the information is so great, we must deal with this information conversion, Google data center will be all this possible, its data processing power is so strong. The problems faced by the automatic driving car and how to drive the car how to live without causing traffic problems.