With the more functions of the car, the more extensive the scope of management of the computer, the more complex the operation. In case the vehicle's computer is out of order, some Sensor of the functions of the vehicle can not be controlled, affecting the safety of the vehicle, and the car can not drive even if it is serious.
  The computer of the car is the most suitable for the adult brain. The car's computer is like a human brain, is responsible for collecting information and sending orders, with the more the function of the car, the more extensive management of the scope of the computer, the more complex operation. Like BMW's IDriver system, the computer has been managed not only by the vehicle's driving system, but also the car's sound system is also controlled by the car computer. So in case the vehicle's computer out of the way, some of the functions of the vehicle can not be controlled, affecting the safety of vehicle driving, serious car can not even drive. The vehicle driving the computer are placed more appropriate, under normal circumstances, the outside world Temperature Sensor is difficult to damage, as long as the driver does not deliberately drive the computer to open their own or water wet, driving the computer will not have any trouble. Another point to note is that do not arbitrarily change the vehicle circuit, because in the improper conversion circuit is easy to make the short circuit lead to the computer will be seriously damaged.

   The computer body is not prone to failure, but responsible for the transmission of information to the computer parts such as oxygen sensors, air flow meter, etc., not in the harsh environment is exposed to the outside world, these are more prone to failure, plus Some of the improper operation or the reasons for the outside world to change the original computer information, it will make the information sent to the computer is wrong, so that the vehicle can not work properly need to repair. Some simple fault can be carried by the computer itself with the self-test system Pressure Sensor to the driver to issue fault warning lights such as ABS, ESP, and so on. But some of the more hidden small problems, the car computer failed to inform the driver in the form of warning lights, will only be prepared into fault code recorded in the computer, then you need to use the car to diagnose the computer for the car computer for the diagnosis.

    Car diagnostic computer is like a repeater, after the connection with the car computer can be recorded on the car computer error code one by one read. Yuan Zheng latest generation of automotive diagnostic computer, it is the automotive electronics application technology and information network technology integration products. And X-431 pioneered the use of 'open car diagnostic platform' technology. Open car diagnostic platform technology represents the world's highest level of automotive diagnostic technology, but also the final direction of the development Pressure Switch of automotive diagnostic technology. It has read the car fault code, read dynamic data flow and action test, display sensor waveform, control computer coding and other functions at the same time, also has PDA function.