Technology innovation for the car plugged in the 'social' wings, before you need to use your finger click on the touch screen, in a series of options in the back and forth; you are still using the phone chat QQ chat, chatting and Sensor set the security in disregard; But also for the phone over the phone did not find contacts and anxious; you still can not find a place with friends dating and distress. Now, thanks to the emergence of intelligent interaction, Changan Auchan brand and Tencent cloud together to build the Changan Auchan A800, so that all this is changing. All along, the car as one of the great inventions of mankind, walking in the forefront of the industrial revolution. With the rise of today's Internet and intelligent tide, the automotive industry is also destined to comply with the tide of this era, to provide consumers with a more comprehensive frontier car life. With the further opening of the open source platform, the algorithm and the chip to further enhance the core of artificial intelligence competition has been transformed into the port application scenario competition. It is undeniable that the application of the port port scene was pushed on the cusp, which also provides a new starting point for the development of the automotive industry, 'car + Internet' cross-border cooperation is the trend.
Changan Automobile and Tencent cloud signed a 'complementary advantages, cooperation and win-win' strategic cooperation framework agreement, technology may burst, wisdom to lead the future! The two sides of the strategic cooperation, is a time in the automotive application scene to explore and practice, will be in the car scene under the location / social / entertainment / payment and other  Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor  car networking services, intelligent network of automotive cloud platform, car network operation services, Business and social areas, and other seven areas to carry out in-depth cooperation, intended to Changan Auchan A800 to create a 'Chinese car brand first smart mobile terminal.' A more intelligent car interconnection system, breaking the car space displacement tool properties, the car social, car entertainment and intelligent control car and other functions into the daily life of consumers. And its future is based on a more open integration of large data platform, the car to create people to link the world's Internet terminal, will provide consumers with a mobile payment, intelligent parking and more intelligent and convenient features of the product One - stop new experience in digital car.
Can achieve intelligent semantic recognition control function, which is equivalent to providing customers with a large screen smart phone to help consumers liberate their hands, just voice commands can enjoy the intelligent driving experience. In order Speed Sensor to give consumers a better intelligent driving experience, engineers in the Changan Auchan original hardware on the basis of carrying Tencent cloud's things network, voice cloud, in the car to provide social, entertainment, life, information , Payment and other voice control products, consumers only need to voice can easily operate, abandoned the way the button button, which also brings a new consumer may be consumers. The future car will also evolve into a mobile terminal, Changan Auchan A800 in the intelligent cockpit, the phone will appear redundant.

 The future of Changan Auchan will continue to deepen cooperation with Tencent cloud, will be in the car to pay, intelligent parking and other aspects of a new round of research and development and exploration, the future will bring the user more extreme convenient, efficient and pleasant driving experience. Car this mobile terminal in a number of occasions for the user to bring the pleasure experience. If the car broke through the restrictions on space, means free and beautiful, then Changan car with Tencent cloud, large data and artificial intelligence Throttle Position Sensor and other emerging technologies will undoubtedly bring great innovation to the future of human social life, the future, through the automotive sensor integration Large data will become a new generation of automotive product development key elements, thus creating intelligent mobile terminal!