The first few times people new to matchmaking contact other online singles, they generally feel everything from intimidated to excited to downright scared. Here's a few things to consider that will help you pull through.

1) They're looking for an online date here too--matchmaking!

2) They're probably just as excited to meet you as you are excited to meet them.

3) Not everyone is for you; not everyone is going to respond. Even the singles you're most interested in.

Some will. Some won't. So what?! Next.

4) Don't chase. Send that special single one good email. If they don't respond, move on! This sea is full of fish!

5) Begin by crafting a short, generic "interested in you" note for sending to those potential singles who've caught your highly-tuned matchmaking eye. Once you've found someone you might be interested in dating, customize your short note to their profile. This will save you time and keep you from devoting too much energy to one potential date.

Well, that's it! Get out there and start to meet singles online today--and for Pete's sake, have fun! Ah, there is one more thing:

It may cost a bit of extra money to send email messages exclusively through the dutch online dating service you choose, but make sure you use it! Regrettably, online matchmaking services are starting to see an influx of phony members signing up using their accounts just to entice people to turn over their realemail address.


A tell-tale sign of this when you get contacted by someone who's interested in you (but sends an overly short, generic message)--especially when your matchmaking profile isn't finished (or hardly started!) yet (for instance before you've even posted a picture).