This level of vehicles can be in the absence of human control of the case Sensor to make their own core driving judgments. Unlike most other autopilot systems, the MAX4 integrates LiDAR (laser detection and measurement), camera, ultrasonic sensor and computing platform in the vehicle body. Therefore, there is no need to place a sensor in the roof and in the car.

The Magna platform is compatible with any vehicle manufacturer's platform, which is flexible, scalable and capable of mass production. In addition, compared to other platforms, it consumes less. The driver can switch between autopilot Suction Control Valve and manual driving modes with a single button. Similar to the cruise control system, the brake pedal is also able to decelerate and stop.

There are some competitors in the field of automatic driving. BMW, Intel, Mobile, FCA and Delphi have partnered to develop a similar autopilot platform. Google has been driving the car project spin-off company Waymo has been studying autopilot Temperature Sensor technology and become a leader. Even the excellent step also put into this area.