Instead of buying a new facility or expanding an existing one, an increasing number of people are looking for innovative industrial shelving systems and work platforms. Often, conventional industrial racking and commercial wire shelving do not suffice. For maximizing floor space, industrial work platforms are a better solution. And, depending on the customer’s specific needs, there are several great shelving options.

Warehouse storage rack systems may not be ideal for light- to medium-duty service and expanding a relatively small area. Instead, the high-quality Pacific shelving system is affordable and made from 20-gauge steel. Further, the Deluxe system is an incredibly strong one-piece system that includes 1-inch vertical adjustments and extra-heavy-duty shelves.

However, when needing a significant amount of floor area, people can take advantage of vertical space with an industrial work platform, also known by some incorrectly, as a mezzanine. With this system, storage is rarely an issue. With a work platform, a professional installs the system using space between the floor and ceiling. Although there are different design options, these are freestanding. Although these systems might be dismantled, moving them to a different location is discouraged because every work platform is carefully engineered for the seismic threats that may exist in the original location for which the platform is engineered.

Top manufacturers use quality steel to construct industrial work platforms. The customer can choose the exact flooring, usually steel, although other materials are available.

With the work platform installed and in place, it becomes a critical part of the overall industrial operations. By utilizing vertical space, the floor opens up, allowing for further company growth. Along with additional storage space on top of the work platform, which is accessible via stairs, more space is offered underneath.

As more warehouses, factories, and product distribution centers outgrow their buildings, the right solution becomes increasingly critical. Most industrial businesses that utilize industrial work platform storage systems enjoy the benefits for years. That means that once a work platform (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a mezzanine) is in place, there is little chance that the customer will outgrow its use anytime soon.

As imagined, the cost of implementing a work platform storage solution compared to moving or expanding an entire operation is dramatically less. Since incorrectly-named mezzanines also are flexible, strong, durable, and safe, it is easy to understand why this industrial storage solution is the go-to for maximizing floor space.

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