Although the Chinese auto market is still growing, but in the car market growth stagnation or even negative growth in the context of SUV has become a pillar of market growth. However, in the SUV market, the development of different market segments Sensor and competitive situation is very different, especially in the fastest growing medium-sized SUV market, the pressure of its own brand is particularly significant.

   Car manufacturers have to enter the SUV market, the SUV market as a major, or even the only direction of development. However, the market competition is always cruel, although the SUV market is still growing rapidly, but for the later opportunities for the door is also gradually closed, it now appears that the medium-sized SUV market is currently a small number of fast-growing market. But the performance of different market segments are very different. Especially in 2017, the small SUV market has been a significant trend of shrinking; compact SUV market, although Pressure Sensor the huge amount of growth but increasingly stagnant; the current medium-sized SUV SUV market has become the main growth, sales have caught up with small SUV. Medium-sized SUV market has been such a rapid growth, the main reason comes from a variety of new products in 2017 intensive listing. Only 20-17 years 1 to 7 months of sales data and 2016 over the same period the data of 0 models reached 21, almost to the current market, nearly half of all 50 medium-sized SUV. Such as joint venture brand midway view L, crown, URV, deliberation, as well as its own brand Chuan Qi GS8, Sween X7, Zhongtai SR9 and so on.

   With the influx of new products into the market, medium-sized SUV market competition intensified. 28 in the first half of 2016 already exist in the models, 12 appeared to fall, 10 increase in the overall market segmentation, only 6 cars achieved better than the overall level of market segments market performance. Among them, Dongfeng scenery 580, Changan CX70, Cadillac XT5 three car incremental absolute led, BYD Don, Zotye T600, BYD S7 three led the decline. Independent brands have begun to face the obvious 'wolf more meat,' the harsh situation, the average monthly sales of each model from the beginning of the 4500 all the way down to 2,500 in July, down almost more than half. At the same time ABS Sensor the joint venture brand average monthly sales have not been significantly increased by the impact of models, luxury brands are also stable. The data show that the competition within the independent brand products is more intense, the overall demand for the joint venture market is still in the synchronous upgrade.

  Even if the January-July sales year-on-year growth models, may not be able to sit back and relax. For example, Buick Angowa, although sales reached 133,000, but compared with the same period last year increased by only 1220, and with the new market in 2017 models sales grew up, Angke Wei since April has been four consecutive months of sales below Last year, there was a clear downward trend. According to this trend, Angkow 2017 annual sales may fall year on year. For such data, car manufacturers are few happy several worry, but consumers Throttle Position Sensor  are the most benefit. With the increase in the number of models, competition intensified, consumers can choose more and more options, the fare increase car will gradually reduce the problem, medium-sized SUV market is from the previous seller's market gradually into the buyer's market.