Belgian Tyson Delo Global Microelectronics Engineering - Melexis (Melexis), introduced a series of new magnetic latch and switch sensors, these devices are the world's first to achieve the same package in the integration of two silicon die The These extremely reliable devices Sensor are designed for automotive applications, including gearboxes, power steering, braking and lock / latch, marking significant advances in magnetic induction technology.

  By integrating the two ICs into a single package, Melexis can provide redundant work that is critical to meeting the reliability requirements of the automotive market. This also means that significant improvements can be made in terms of accuracy - because sensitive points are closer than discrete devices housed in separate packages. The first products with this Suction Control Valve innovative packaging concept are the MLX92292 and MLX92232.

   The MLX92232 is a second generation of programmable Hall-effect sensors designed using state-of-the-art mixed-signal CMOS technology. This dual-die device integrates a voltage regulator, a Hall-sensing function (with advanced offset cancellation system) and an open-drain output driver, all in one Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor package. It is available in 4-pin through-hole form.

   The 3-wire μPower Melexis MLX92292 complements this, with an 8-pin surface-mount SO-8 package. It provides the intended switching function, but unlike existing products on the market, it can determine the presence of lateral magnetic fields around it, not just orthogonally. This unique product supports ASIL B function safety (in accordance with ISO 26262 standard), with built-in diagnostic mechanism array, for automotive applications to provide a very reliable work. Both products can be pre-programmed to meet specific application fuel metering valve requirements. In addition, OEM customers can benefit from the flexibility of factory programming, thus completing a complete system optimization in their own production lines. The programming function also sets the two magnetic operating points in small increments in the range of -90mT to + 90mT (horizontal sensing version -40mT to +40mT).

  At Miraix, the first dual die latches and switching technology are available to the market. While standard and configurable products can meet most applications, it is now possible to develop more advanced customization Speed Sensor  to address the most demanding automotive design challenges.