From the beginning of the invention of the first integrated circuit in 1958, nearly 60 years of development, the global IC industry has experienced the growth of the United States, developed in Japan, accelerated in South Korea Sensor and China's Taiwan region, the current industry and the Signs of the transfer of mainland China. And in the whole process there is a phenomenon Many people have noticed that the memory for a country or region of the IC industry growth can play an important role in promoting.

Has been firmly in the IC industry's first in the United States, because Japan in the DRAM memory on the vigorously catch up in 1986 was pulled down the throne. The development of integrated circuits in Japan, especially the mass production of DRAM, has prompted its local electronics market to be met. In 1986, although the global IC market experienced two years of shrinking period, Japan took the opportunity Suction Control Valve to go beyond the United States, becoming the world's first market share of power. From 1980 to 1986, the US semiconductor market share fell from 61% to 43%, while Japan rose from 26% to 44%. The 'DRAM' battle of the defeat to the US IC industry sounded the alarm, prompted the United States at the end of 1989 the formation of 'National Semiconductor Advisory Committee', to develop IC design technology, providing high value-added, innovative and strong integrated circuit products The And ultimately help the United States to regain the global IC industry dominance. What is more, the memory has not only made the Japanese IC industry beyond the United States, but also South Korea in the integrated circuit to achieve the key to overtaking the curve, so far Korea is still the global leader in memory, accounting for an average of more than 50% market share.

  From the historical experience, Japan and South Korea have to memory as a breakthrough, became a semiconductor power. In China to vigorously develop the occasion of the IC industry, to seize the memory of this critical product as a breakthrough is feasible. In addition, China also has a strong storage industry base. Storage industry is a large investment, large output of the categories, these characteristics Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and the panel industry is similar. China should summarize the investment experience in the panel industry over the years. In the development of more than 10 years, China's display panel area invested about 300 billion yuan, has now become the world's LCD panel industry, one of the important forces.

If the market share of China's memory industry before the basic '0' (the global storage industry is highly concentrated, the top five storage companies Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron, Toshiba, Western Digital (flash Di) total revenue accounted for 95% of the market, Above), starting from 2015, in the 'promotion outline' after the release of China's development in the field of memory once again hot up, has now gradually formed three forces.

First is the purple / Yangtze River storage system. July 2016 by the Purple Group and the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of the Yangtze River Storage Technology Co., Ltd.. In accordance with the national storage base project planning, the Yangtze River storage of the main products for the 3D NAND, is expected to 2020 to form a monthly production capacity of 300,000 production scale, by 2030 to build 1 million per month capacity. Earlier this year, Ziguang Group in Nanjing announced the construction of 12-inch fab, the production of 3DNAND, DRAM memory chips. Ziguang Group Chairman Zhao Weiguo said, Ziguang Group is now the most important two major development direction, that is, 3D NAND memory and mobile chips, Internet of things chip. The goal is to fuel metering valve become among the world's top five memory manufacturers in ten years.

Purple country core (Ziguang Group, one of the listed companies) issued a major asset restructuring progress announcement, said the way to increase the acquisition of the memory of the Yangtze River store all or part of the equity. Show that the future will be Purple Group through the capital market to raise funds to accelerate the follow-up memory R \u0026 D production process.

Followed by Hefei Changxin. Hefei-related investment in Hefei Changxin company will invest about 50 billion yuan, Hefei plans to build a capacity of 125,000 12-inch fab wafer wafer production line, former SMIC CEO Wang Ningguo will be in charge of the project. It is expected that the project will enter the equipment installation phase by the end of this year.

The third force is Fujian Jinhua. Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. by the Fujian Provincial Electronic Information Group, Jinjiang Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of the agreement with UMC signed a technical cooperation agreement, the initial by the Union to assist the production of niche DRAM, the gradual introduction of the late The At present the new 12-inch plant has Pressure Sensor been started, the initial capacity planning 60,000 per month, is expected to complete the end of 2017 technology development, September 2018 trial production.

There is no doubt that, due to the concentration of storage industry, there is a high technical and patent barriers, the development of China's storage industry is not easy, but the Chinese semiconductor industry memory as a breakthrough to promote the IC industry, will be an important attempt. The parties concerned need enough patience and persistence. After ten years of sinking, the representative of the domestic CPU Godson is gradually mature. In the partnership conference, not only the Godson Branch in the company launched a number of performance comparable to the international mainstream products, such as the Godson 3A3000 / 3B3000 clocked at 1.5GHz, the product performance ABS Sensor than the Intel Atom series, high-end ARM series, a number of Industry chain-related enterprises have also released a new generation of processors based on the Godson-based products, such as China Aerospace Science and Technology, Aerospace Science and Engineering, shipbuilding industry, CLP Technology, the dawn of the day, the wave group, Xinhua three groups, EVOC intelligence, Software, oil drilling in the Bohai Sea.

Occupy the international market, the main share of the x86-based processor single-core performance in 2010 to 2012 before and after the basic ceiling, which gives the domestic CPU to catch up with the opportunity. And after years of 'fill short board' work, the overall performance of domestic CPU has indeed been greatly improved, has reached the 'available' level. Some of the domestic enterprises focus on the next phase of the CPU business has turned to the expansion of the open market, not only limited to the national security-related market-based.

The x86-based, state-of-the-art, CPU-centric display of the latest generation of ZX-D series processors. The performance of the product is probably equivalent to the Intel i3-i5 processor, it is not only located in the party and government and other markets, will also expand to the open market. ZX-D series processors are now in TSMC success flow film, showing the product of the market-oriented process has taken an important step. In fact, there are many attempts to develop autonomous CPUs in China. China's development of the CPU industry is taking the multi-technology parallel line. According to the architecture, x86, MIPS, POWER, ARM four processor architecture, Chinese enterprises have tried. X86, China's trillion core and dawn, respectively, with the VIA and AMD business cooperation. The core of the introduction of 3-generation CPU products, Lenovo has been in the desktop / one machine Speed Sensor and notebook, with the one machine, electro-optical mini PC, Lenovo server, Mars Transtech Services and other products have been applied, the cumulative shipping hundreds of thousands of 2018 will be expected to achieve the end of the cumulative 1 million shipments. Dawn is the marriage AMD in the field of server layout, and plans to self-study security encryption module to replace the original security part of AMD to enhance security capabilities.

In the ARM system, the early 2016 Qualcomm and Guizhou Province, the relevant departments jointly invested 1.85 billion yuan to set up Guizhou China Semiconductor Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., the server chip design, development and sales. The company has received authorization from ARM v8-A architecture and technology transfer, the goal is to develop 10-nanometer server chip. Godson CPU can be placed under the MIPS camp, but Godson in the MIPS streamlined instruction set based on the autonomy of the expansion of the instruction set loongISA, and adhere to independent research and development of micro-architecture and compiler. As for the POWER architecture, with IBM open POWER architecture, the domestic enterprises are also related to the development of the market application market.

China is increasing efforts to develop IC industry, and general-purpose CPU as the industry's most important product, its success or failure has a symbolic significance. Of course, the merits of product performance is only one aspect, to enter the full competition in the open market, and a firm foothold is the key to the success of the test. At present, the overall performance of domestic CPU has been greatly improved, but the ecological environment is relatively weak Throttle Position Sensor and mature slowly, making long-term development space is limited. This is mainly reflected in the lack of partners, hardware and software ecological forces scattered, unable to establish Wintel Alliance collaborative win-win model, the lack of upstream and downstream industry development and integration between the depth of optimization.