A new round of industrial integration is inevitable. However, talking about the topic of car safety, perhaps to the semiconductor industry is always the feeling of spring it The automotive safety system will continue to dominate the bulk of the active safety systems market, and the security warning and information systems market is expected to grow rapidly; the passive safety market will stagnate, however, emerging technologies Sensor are expected to be developed in the regional market; in the automotive safety sector , Europe and Japan to promote the development of laws and regulations; North America to promote the development of technology legislation; next-generation car safety system may use sensor welding technology to enhance road safety;
The application of MEMS sensors in automotive safety systems includes the following major systems:

Intelligent airbag system

  When the vehicle collides, the safety of the occupant is maintained in time in the airbag, which must be opened at the right time and provide the appropriate force in the direction of the occupant. Although the monitoring of occupants and their movements can be monitored by a MEMS accelerometer system located on the seat, however, the airbag system in the vehicle can be installed in different places, so a number of information, such as identification The type of collision, direction, gravity, etc., so as to ensure that the fuel metering valve airbag system to make a clear and focused response. With the high integration capabilities and precision of MEMS accelerometers, a more complex airbag system architecture can be defined to replace multiple electromechanical crash sensor systems to provide advanced crew safety conditions for vehicles.

Anti-theft system

In the car anti-theft system, you can also use MEMS accelerometer. In this case, the accelerometer is used as an inclinometer to sense the inclination of a car or motorcycle relative to the ground. When the thieves use a trailer to steal the vehicle, the accelerometer will detect the change in the tilt, so that the sound alarm system work. In general, the 3-axis accelerometer is easy to install, so the anti-theft system MEMS sensor can be installed in any position in the vehicle.

Headlight light orientation system

Driving in dark conditions, the safety of car driving depends on the orientation of the headlight of the car. Headlights Light to be aligned with our road may depend on a number of different external conditions, which are composed of traffic conditions and traffic conditions. The traffic information includes whether the asphalt pavement, turn, uphill, driving skills and experience, etc. Including tire pressure, suspension, the number of passengers, weight and vehicle balance and so on. The driver does not have to adjust the direction of the first class Temperature Sensor of light in the same way as the above, which is the function of the first-class light directional system. Using MEMS sensors, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, the first-class light-oriented system can be achieved to open a new era of automotive safety, it can enhance the road and obstacles to ensure a more safe driving conditions.

Crew detection system

In the event of a vehicle collision with an obstacle, in order to safely save the life of the occupant, to distribute a complete airbag sensor around the seat. Because the momentary collision may be unpredictable, the car electronics system should determine who and what is sitting on the Speed Sensor occupant's seat. Depending on the occupant and its position in the vehicle, the occupant detection system not only determines which balloon is open, but more importantly, determines the strength of the balloon deployment. The MEMS accelerometer enhances this function by enabling it to quickly detect The force causes the occupant to be bounced from the seat.

Active safety system

MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes are two sensors that are fully capable of meeting the requirements of automotive active safety systems. Car safety control system involving car control, including: car tumbling control, car anti-skid stability control, anti-lock system, parking brake, tire pressure monitoring, suspension of the vehicle and traffic conditions such as adaptive adjustment system. MEMS sensors with high precision and accuracy, space is very small, can be highly integrated with other systems as a whole, which can instantly detect those functional system to send any information. The sensors used in automotive safety systems are being developed by isolated sensors towards Throttle Position Sensor the integration module. MEMS technology has driven beyond the change of Moore's Law, to achieve a higher level of system integration. The company that provides MEMS acceleration and gyro sensor for automotive safety systems includes: ST, Memsic, ADI, Freescale, Bosch Sensortec and VTI.