I was diagnosed a few years ago with Meniere's Disease.  I lost most of the hearing in my left ear and was plagued with repeat bouts of debilitating vertigo with vomiting.  After many trips to the ER for IV meds to stop the vertigo, I sought the help of a neurotologist.  In November, 2013, I had a labyrinthectomy which stopped the vertigo/vomiting cycle.  I am now recovering from the surgery and since I am  nearly 68 y/o, it will take longer for me to recover.  My balance is still off, some days way off and some days not so bad.  The tinnitus I've had for so long is not nearly as bad since the surgery.  

I would love to be in touch with others who suffer from Meniere's Disease and especially from those who chose the labyrinthectomy procedure.   

I am now able to eat salty foods and drink coffee again (I LOVE COFFEE!!).  Those were forbidden prior to the surgery.  

Please post if you or someone you know is a Meniere's patient.  We need to stick together!!!