Engine oil spill is a fault phenomenon. The engine oil leakage, with the use of the engine, due to the strong penetration of oil, under normal circumstances, it will be a little from the oil seal, which is Sensor a common phenomenon, no need to worry about, not a failure The

  Oil leakage is mainly reflected in the oil is not rapidly reduced, but the engine seal can be seen a small amount of oil traces, but the engine guard or the ground did not find significant oil traces. There are some vehicles due to oil pan or crankshaft before and after the oil seal gasket damage, oil pan tightening screws or accessories such as the quality of the problem caused by the engine oil leakage. Therefore, the engine oil leakage for two reasons: one is the natural penetration of oil, the other is a slight damage to the car parts or loose aging caused. No matter what kind of cause caused by oil leakage, are non-engine failure, will not cause a big impact on the situation, as long as the use Suction Control Valve of the future, at any time to pay attention to the oil level there is no major changes can be made.

  With the increase in the use of vehicles, car parts will produce the corresponding loss, so if a certain maintenance cycle in the oil level has been abnormal changes, in this case, if you see the engine dripping dripping oil, that vehicle There is a problem of oil spills, this time on the need to 4s shop or a professional repair shop for maintenance, to prevent further damage to the engine. For different models, the oil level of the view is not the same. Most of the high-end models of the oil level can be displayed directly on the dashboard. Other models, the instrument panel will have a 'oil pressure sensor', but this sensor is not accurate, only in the oil when the time will be issued Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor a corresponding reminder. To accurately know the oil level, need to manually extract the oil dipstick, check the oil scale is between the upper and lower limits.

Manual inspection should pay attention to the vehicle parked in the road surface relative level, the formation of the road. After 10 minutes of parking, and then pull out the oil scale to observe the oil in the oil scale up and down between the scale to determine whether the oil in the oil pan needs to be added. But remember to immediately remove the oil after stopping the oil gauge to check the amount of oil within the oil pan, this time the results can not really reflect the oil within the oil pan. Such as oil pan oil has been lower than the oil gauge on the next line need to add oil. First unscrew the fuel filler cover, and then add the appropriate amount of oil and oil within the same brand, the level of oil. Wait 10 minutes later, and then check the filling of oil is in line with the requirements, oil level should be in the oil scale on the line between the line and the line between. Remember that the amount of oil can not be too much oil, oil level beyond the oil gauge on the scale, the engine in this state of work, will cause Pressure Sensor the engine respirator buckle oil sprang, exhaust pipe smoke blue smoke phenomenon.

  When the car appears to be leaking oil, or in the maintenance report found in this result, do not panic, the situation will not be any impact, regular observation of oil display or manual measurement, if no significant decline is not serious, as long as the regular Good maintenance, are assured to use.