Gone are the days when people used to keep diaries to enter the important events of their lives, used to call get-together so they could share good news as all this is achieved today while sitting in front of your laptop. The new trend in the world of internet is blogging. Although not so new, blogging became a trend in late 90's when people started to share their routine lives on their websites just to attract traffic;  This was called the weblog which later became the blog.

The blogs gained much popularity and all of a sudden almost every website was seen blogging. People used to update their personal lives, thoughts, ideas, and anything that would attract people; This worked more than expected and the websites started to get more and more traffic with each unique blog.

Is there a difference between blogging and microblogging?

You might have heard the word somewhere and would now be wondering what is Microblogging? Here we are to tell you all that you need to learn about microblogging.

Microblogging, by definition, is a new trend that is a combination of blogging and instant messaging, a brief way of getting connected globally and receiving quick responses. The dawn of microblogging rests in the world of social media where it has evolved and got popular. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc. are the examples of the social media where microblogging has made huge advancement.

Why do people prefer microblogging over blogging?

Recently, the microblogging technique has become very famous among the people of all ages and here are the few reasons for this change.

Ease of use and less time

Compared to blogging, microblogging is getting popular trend as it is easy to adapt for everyone. While the blogging requires you to create a background and then follow the theme to create a quality text article, microblogging lets you write and compose whatever you wish without taking care of the length.

Uniqueness issues

Another thing that makes microblogs favorite is the reason that they do not ask for specificity, anyone can write anything they want, and no one is going to scrutinize it. Whereas for the blog posts, the writer has to be conscious about the uniqueness of the content as there are reserved copyrights for the owners and no two sites can have the same content.

Date sharing convenience

Another reason to pick the microblogging technique is that it makes data sharing much simpler and easier. You can post whatever you like in a few clicks on your social media profile. While the blogger is often compelled to make a lengthy passage to write, followed most of the time with images, videos, and URLs.


Other than these advantages, microblogging lets the user keep posting frequently, get quick responses and gets to answer them even faster; This makes the two-way communication easier with the audience. The mobile convenience is also a major factor that is contributing towards the success of microblogging.