Microsoft chief operating officer Satya Nadella opened the company’s Education-focused event these days by asking, “How will technology produce chance for all?”


Believing that technology ought to facilitate, not hinder, a teacher’s add the room, Microsoft is cathartic Windows ten s this Summer in time for the new academic year.

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Microsoft aforesaid that the scholars coming into faculty these days is that the 1st generation United Nations agency speaks technology as their maternal language, and learns primarily by collaborating. AN calculable sixty fifth of scholars in class these days, can have jobs that don't nonetheless exist – STEM info can set these students up for fulfillment within the future.


This new edition of Windows can feature a lot of security and quicker load times, it’s efficient for consistency, and provides superior performance.

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Changes square measure coming back to groups too, designed specifically for education, and includes room chats (with emojis and gifs – FINALLY! I’ve been waiting!!! Outlook, wherever you at?), assignment submissions and a lot of. academics can have special analgesic and facilitating controls for “teachable moments”.


Windows ten s can accompany a free subscription to Minecraft Education Edition, free Windows ten S for all colleges on current Windows professional PCs, and free Microsoft workplace 365 for Education with Microsoft groups.


Microsoft believes in Learning by Doing. Minecraft has over one hundred million players worldwide. Microsoft gave AN example of mistreatment Minecraft within the room from a coach within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United Nations agency asked his students to make a habitable home ground on Mars. mistreatment mathematics to manage their resources and determining a way to grow food, students learned to code and used vital thinking skills to finish the project.

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Microsoft conjointly free their new Surface portable computer (with Windows ten s), touting that this can be the portable computer that may last a student throughout their entire education. the merchandise appearance super sleek and nice, and I’d like one for myself. I’m not a petulant person, however Microsoft aforesaid that in coming up with this product, they wished it to be a lot of personal, and not style simply another piece of apparatus, and honestly, I got that sense from this portable computer.


Did anyone else watch the livestream this morning? What does one think about Microsoft announcements? can Windows ten S have a bearing on the utilization of iPads and Google?

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