OCTAVIA COMBI Octavia is the latest European-style station wagon. Mingrui wagon with Skoda brand new design language, the overall appearance of great expression and emotional tension. The length and width of the vehicle are 4687mm / 1814mm / 1509mm, the wheelbase is 2686mm, and the driving space is abundant. In terms of power, the Mingrui wagon Sensor equipped with powerful power output and efficient fuel economy EA211 series engine, providing 1.2TSI, 1.4TSI two displacement, matching 7 block DSG dual clutch gearbox. In addition, the Mingrui wagon provides electric adjustable tailgate, 9-inch large-screen navigation and entertainment system, PLA3.0 automatic parking assist system, blind spot monitoring and other intimate and practical leading technology features, to give consumers a convenient smart car experience The

Mingrui wagon with Skoda brand new design language, retains the European style station wagon design elements, the overall style of simple, refined. Body a large number of the use of gold split ratio, smooth lines, clean face, coupled with the details of crystal cutting style carved, constitute a very expressive and emotional tension of the overall appearance. Mingrui wagon provides amber brown, crystal white, the trend of gray, mysterious black, star silver, agate green six different body colors, fully meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers. The front face Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of the Mingrui wagon is filled with extra-line design, emphasizing the horizontal width, the visual effect is more lenient. Family-style straight waterfall grille with high degree of identification, split headlights clever use of the Skoda crystal cutting design, surrounded by black wide body with silver guard before and after, bring a multi-level visual experience.

    Mingrui wagon to provide two 16-inch elegant wheels and a 17-inch European wind hub, bright wheels full of dynamic, slender spoke full of strength, elegant style of self-made, whether it is out of the party or Zijia You have a type of Fan. The center console extends from the middle to the sides to create a dynamic atmosphere of the cockpit, containing modern aesthetics. Rich level to create three-dimensional geometry of the visual experience, functional area layout clear, nice, and cockpit simple design style integration. Steering wheel with Speed Sensor a floating bucket three-spoke modeling, feeling dynamic light. The cross section of the steering wheel is oval, the grip is more comfortable than the ordinary round, while increasing the friction area, so that the steering wheel is not easy to slip, control more stable, but also enhance the traffic safety.

Ming Rui wagon with EA211 engine, providing 1.2TSI and 1.4TSI two power options, matching 7 block DSG dual clutch gearbox advanced technology, shift response agility, smooth ride, bring excellent power, driving pleasure and fuel economy Sex. Thanks to the advanced engine technology, lightweight cylinder structure and special adjustment, Mingrui wagons can achieve low-speed high-torque power output, while the fuel costs are effectively controlled. Through the clever layout so that the reverse gear through the 2 block driven gear to achieve, omit the traditional reverse shaft structure, saving structure space and weight. In the case of full load, Mingrui wagon from the ground gap up to 120mm, can enhance the vehicle through the road, easy to deal with different road conditions. Using the former enhanced McPherson suspension Pressure Switch and rear composite torque beam suspension. In view of China's road conditions and the comfort needs of Chinese customers, Mingrui wagon to do a lot of localized suspension matching work, both to ensure that the European Department of car control good features, but also take into account the requirements of local comfort.

   Mingrui wagon with EPS electronic precision power steering system, through the CAN data bus to receive speed, steering wheel rotation torque and steering wheel rotation angle and other data for the driver to adjust the most appropriate steering power to enhance driving performance and experience. This system relies on the motor to drive the rack to achieve steering assistance, the work does not consume the engine power, lower than the traditional power system noise, the failure rate is smaller, but also saves fuel consumption. At high speed, the steering power provided by the system can be gradually reduced, so that the steering stability, improve the stability of the vehicle; low speed, the electric power steering system can provide a larger steering power, so turn light, bring good steering light. Multi-functional Comfort Seats The Mingrui wagon offers leather seats, mosaic chairs and fabric seats. Among them, the leather seats on the back of the local use of Alcantara material, breathable, summer ride is also very comfortable.

Mingrui wagon equipped with dual independent temperature air conditioning, according to the temperature sensor automatically on the car for refrigeration, heating, ventilation and clean air, but also a separate set of car on both sides of the temperature to meet the left and right sides of the passengers on the temperature difference demand. In addition, the system provides high, medium and low Throttle Position Sensor  speed three cooling mode, and 0.5 degrees for the smallest unit to add and subtract temperature, bring more accurate and comfortable temperature adjustment. There are four in the car center outlet, the rear central 2 outlet and the front seat under the floor of the outlet, not only can more quickly adjust the car temperature, but also to the rear passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride surroundings.