As announced about a month ago the best Mobile Legends will finally be able to taste with the tip of the tongue this so-called Chinese drug, which seems to hypnotize the players by millions siphoning to pass their revenues via a mechanism of Free2Play well oiled.

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Available in iOS and Android, this MOBA landed in a crowded market. One finds indeed a ton of clones of LoL, often simplified to the extreme, on the different blinds of Apple or Google. In the mass, the only original title, which even makes the effort to organize international competitions, is Vainglory, which unfortunately goes lower and lower down the soapy slope of the Pay2Win. The border between Free to play and Pay to win is very thin, we can not say enough ... Arena of Valor flirts with this border in a rather intelligent way, but do not get me wrong: this kind of game has in focus your number of blue card! with the help of mobile legends hack

A gentle discovery

From the first parts, we see the difference between Arena of Valor and clones less evolved with mobile legends cheatsThe grip of the player is perfect, with a progressive discovery of the different menus and aspects of the game. Everything is done to avoid a learning curve too violent. You can quickly understand how the title works, its different modes of play, available options, and so on. Moreover, the list of modes of play is a good surprise, considering its richness. It goes from the classic 5v5 through the beast and villain ARAM, but also the simplistic 1v1 and 3v3 that allow to make parts of 5 minutes. Not to mention a temporary mode, "Madness of hooks", which is only open on weekends.

A familiar hair not?

Given the head of the homepage when everything is unlocked, fortunately , the publisher of Mobile legends, does not swing the players in the big bath right from the start! Obviously, at the top of the menus, we find the inevitable shop. It is mainly used to buy heroes and skins. It should be noted that the heroes are, as in LoL, recoverable with a virtual currency earned during your games (Gold). We find some not too expensive (less than 8 000 pieces) but the novelties range from 13 888 to 18 888 piécettes, which translates into dozens of hours of play