Now many smart phones are equipped with NFC function, the market most of the NFC devices are used for electronic payment, Octopus card is one of them. Tesla has introduced a mobile phone door lock Sensor and launch engine and other functions, one of South Korea's largest auto parts manufacturer Hyundai Mobis development can replace the traditional car keys mobile phone digital car keys.

  Hyundai Mobis system uses the phone's NFC function, with the installation of the car in the NFC sensor, when the owner of the phone close to the door handle can automatically open the door, the phone on the car's wireless charging board will be able to launch Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the engine, this design The advantage is not afraid of mobile phone no electricity can not drive. The spokesman said Hyundai Mobis was the first supplier of complete NFC smart car key solutions in South Korea and is expected to be available next year.

  To ensure the safety of the digital car keys, Hyundai Mobis has created a set of license management system, with data encryption and authentication system, so that only authorized smart phone to operate the car. In order to make fuel metering valve the whole system more practical, manufacturers also developed a mobile phone to operate the intelligent parking assist system, the user can easily use the smart phone parking.