Basketball is a game of skill. It relies on a great deal of variables which must be taken into account in order to win when betting sports. With a playing period that extends for nearly eight months, in the NBA from October to the final championship game in early June, it can be both grueling and exhausting to follow for a full season. The challenge, as with all sports betting matchups, is to gather, and analyze, as much information about the game as one can.

We're not talking Xs and Os, nor are we looking beyond Head Coaches and their assembled coaching staffs. We really don't care about those teams with the most expensive rosters. Like the fabled New York Yankees in Baseball learned, a few A-Rods ago, Championship trophies are not always for sale to the highest bidder. Ask Jerry Jones. The lovable Dallas Cowboys owner once believed you could take a washed up, no longer competitive athlete, fill his pockets with money and send him onto the field to lead the team to another Super Bowl. Thanks for all the laughs, Jerry. You were sucker punched again by a smooth talking agent who certainly got his piece of your fortune.

We're getting close, so bear with us here. When we get to the meat of this, you'll want to open a so you can glance through the morning newspaper at your nearest Starbucks, catch up on overnight scores, circle a few (very few) teams and pick up your mobile phone. That's how easy this will be for you to finally start beating this betting game!

If its not about the overpaid "Stars" on the team, or the Head Coach and his assembled staff, or the Offensive and Defensive schemes that make up the playbook, then what is left? The Schedule! It's all about the Schedule! Your chances of winning, and keeping ahead of the NBA Basketball games, depends on the SCHEDULE.

Let's clear the air right here. The Oddsmakers make the point spread line. The Casino Sportsbook may shave each teams' line by a point or two, or it may change the Betting Total (also known as the Over/Under), but they can't change the schedule. The NBA Commissioner and his mininions create the schedule a year or so in advance, and not even bad weather, an earthquake or a betting scandal can change the NBA schedule.

EVERY team in the NBA is assigned so many HOME GAMES and so many AWAY GAMES. Here is where you can line your pockets if you pay close attention to the point spreads and betting lines. When a team enters a period of an EXTENDED road trip, where the next 4 to 8 games will be played on the road... such as when the Lakers travel east to play the boston Celtics, the New York Knicks, the New Jersey Nets, and all the others they will compete against, there is one sure thing you can bet on: they will tire.

NBA Betting Tip #1: Bet AGAINST any Road Favorite who LOST its LAST GAME at Home as a Home Favorite.

If they can't win at home as a favorite, why should they be favored on the road over any other team?

NBA Gambling Tip #2: Bet on ANY HOME DOG who lost its last game as a Road Favorite.

They're not as bad as they looked in losing as a Road Favorite, but now they are HOME and getting points! (Even 1 or 2 points will do.)

NBA Betting Tip #3: The STAR of the Team is injured and will sit out tonights' game. If at HOME, bet the Home Team. If a Star on the OTHER TEAM is also out, TAKE the Underdog.

Who can say which team will have a more motivated bench? This is where gambling really becomes a Gamble.

NBA Gambling Tip #4: Bet AGAINST any team (favored or underdog) which won its last game in Overtime as an Underdog.

Chances are, they're exhausted and the quickest way to get out of this will be to "Foul Out" as soon as possile to keep the bench warm tonight.

NBA Betting Tip #5: Be suspicious of "tempting totals". High scoring teams do not always go OVER the total. In fact, bet the UNDER if this is the third, fourth, fifth or 6th game of an extended Road Trip for any team iinvolved in tonight's matchup.

NBA Gambling Tip #6: Bet the HOME Team, if this is their FIRST GAME BACK after a long (3 or more) Road Trip and they are meeting a foe who beat them in their last meeting.

It's called "revenge is sweet", but either way, you're sure to see a game that goes down to the last two minutes.

We could probably write a book about all the Inside Angles, Tips and Strategies to use when betting the NBA. You could probably write your own book about what to avoid, and what to embrace. But if you're reading the sports page and something leaps out at you that you remember from this article, you will be glad to have an nba mobile betting account and that you read it here.