Hyundai Motor said Thursday that Hyundai will launch a single electric vehicle with Sensor a single charge mileage of 500 km after 2021. Because in the field of electric vehicles behind other competitors, modern hope to ease the concerns of investors.

Hyundai and sister brand Kia's sales ranked fifth in the world, both previously said to be launched before 2020, 31 new energy vehicles, compared with the previous plan to increase the three models of three. Tesla as the representative Suction Control Valve of the electric car manufacturers in the modern and Toyota supported by the comparison of fuel cell vehicles, the former growth rate faster than the latter. Last year, the modern release of the first mass production of pure electric IONIQ, but this car after a single charge mileage is much lower than Tesla and GM.

  Hyundai also said it will launch a small electric SUV in the first half of next year, life mileage of up to 390km.