Modern day is quite interesting to say the very least....or so I have discovered.

I am a mother and grandmother and not yet old enough or experienced enough to appreciate

the modern day technology and what is can or can not do.  There is a wealth of knowledge for

those who want to or care to embrace it.  A person can find just about everything available for

anyone who cares to take the time and effort to search. 


Early on I probably saved my own life by doing some research about my health.  I could not find

a doctor who could help me so I decided to do my own research.  From what I learned I approached

my doctor with the info I found and of course, he did not agree.  But I insisted that tests be done to

prove otherwise and guess what, I was correct.  This is how useful the internet can be. My surgeon

told me later that he was surprised I did not have a heart attack or a stroke. 


For people who have phones and use them to text to people, well I found out this week just how

UGLY things can get with them.  I guess it just depends on who is using them and for what reason.

I woke up this week and discovered that after 40 plus years of being married, my husband has been

carrying on a phone relationship with some woman that he does business with.  They have used the

phone to text each other and keep up with what is going on.  Funny thing is it seems to be a problem

which started back in 2006 or before.  (I don't really know exactly).  The woman is married but does

not have children.  Now when I confronted my husband about this he told me that she was *just a friend*.

So I have to wonder about this since I found out that he also texted her and asked her to have a picture

of her made in a swimsuit just for the 2 of them to enjoy.  So either I am not up to date on what friends

are supposed to be or perhaps I am making a mountain out of a molehill.  How many 60 plus married

men have friends who they would ask another married woman to do this kind of *favor*?  So I would

like to know IF anyone cares to share their opinion with me.