The minimalist movement as you know it today only became popular around a decade ago thanks to an explosion of websites around the topic. To say the original enthusiasts were extreme would be an understatement. Everyone was fighting to outdo each other and their homes would look almost empty.


Thankfully the movement has evolved since then and it's not quite so restrictive. The main goal is to create the most beautiful home possible while keeping things simple. This is hard to achieve when you don't have free reign to do whatever you want, so let's look at a couple of trends that will help you do it.


Creating More Storage Space

It's weird talking about storage space because minimalists don't tend to own many possessions compared to the average person. Still, it's better if you can hide some of the things you do have to create the illusion of emptiness.

People really seem to enjoy coming up with underfloor storage spaces right now. With enough creativity running through your veins they can be placed almost anywhere if you're willing to put in the work.


Textured Timbers Create Warmth

When using different textures to create warmth inside a home it's usually focused on the colors of paint you use. Nobody really assumes you can do the same sort of thing using wooden pieces of furniture.

It's easy to create the same effect with timber in multiple rooms throughout the home. The minimalist movement is all about helping the planet, so using recyclable wood is also a nice little touch on top of how your rooms look.


Using Multifunctional Furniture

How do you think so many of the original minimalists were able to own so few items? One of the massive reasons was the fact possessions capable of being used for a multitude of things were favored more than others.

You can see the same thing happening today in the interior design world. Multifunctional furniture is an easy way for artists to innovate without coming up with something nobody has ever seen before.


Incorporating Smart Appliances

The future of interior design will need to find a way to incorporate smart appliances. As each year passes more and more are beginning to become mainstream. Luckily popular ones like the Nest thermostat are very simplistic.

The revolutionary thermostat is not only minimalistic, but it looks amazing too. It's also designed to save tons of energy, which will delight everyone in the minimalist movement.


The Quality Over Quantity Mantra

A minimalist knows it's always better to choose quality over quantity, especially with furniture they'll use all the time. For example, why would you want to spend time sitting on an uncomfortable sofa?

A cheap sofa might allow you to buy more things, but an expensive one will last more than twice as long and you'll cherish it. Aim to do the same thing with anything you know you'll use on a constant basis.


Tweaking A Monochrome Design

When we talk about a monochrome design these days it's generally accepted to mean the use of black on a white background. It's easy enough to tweak with a minimalist touch to create a more spacious and airy room.

You'll have to reduce the amount of black you use to a minimum to keep it from overpowering the white. To take things one step further you could add light-colored metals into the design to provide more texture without ruining the overall effect.


Bring Plants Into Your Home

There are multiple reasons why plants will improve your quality of life. It's kind of like minimalism when you think about it. Both provide you with an extra level of calmness by alleviating stress.

It's why a minimalist home should always have some form of plant life in it. Vertical gardens have been grabbing a lot of attention because it's almost like you're creating a living piece of art.


Switching Over To A Minimalist Design 

If you're eager to switch over to a minimalist design I hope you've learned one thing. It's perhaps the easiest thing you can do. The name even gives it away. There are different levels of minimalist interior design you can aim towards, but these fresh ideas are a nice way to get started.