There is a modular unmanned car cut a striking figure, it claims that he is 'a piece of white paper' to meet the user's requirements for different styles. The car name is Edit, is an unmanned car, composed Sensor  of five major components, whether it is style or use, the same car has a different configuration. Hong Kong company OSVehicle design, it wants to build a can use any car can drive.

OSVehicle CEO Alexandro Camarillo Introduction Edit design for the future, five major components of the definition of the entire car, even with the same car, in the use of style, style, identification has a variety of configuration. Their intention is to create a 'no form' car, it is a piece of white paper, people can play their own ideas. Design is not mandatory, but participatory. With modular technology, users can easily embed Temperature Sensor several unmanned technology, including lidar and sensor technology. The company calls this method 'BYOSDCACH', meaning that the autopilot code and the custom hardware stack are brought to the user.

As estimated, cars can be used for more than 20 years because the module is replaceable. Edit module technology makes the key components can be easily replaced, such as motors, batteries, so that the life of the car will be 10 times longer than traditional cars. Edit can also be customized by brand, both external body and interior. OSVehicle calls its own business model, Vehicle-as-a-Service, where companies can quickly deliver customized cars for each service or each country. Food distribution, taxi and car sharing ABS Sensor business is developing rapidly, the car should focus on service brands to meet their needs, rather than focus on car brands. Edit is divided into five main parts: front, rear, top, double symmetrical door, which can optimize production and reduce costs.

The car has a different interior, and the autopilot technology extends from Level 1 to Level 5. If it is Level 5 version, the seat can make people face to face communication, the middle of a table. Car-friendly, can be easily changed according to customer needs, help the industry to the future excessive, the future by a variety of different layout of the unmanned vehicles. Because easy to repair, easy to upgrade, so the world can be faster Speed Sensor to the future transition, ahead of schedule to achieve zero emissions, zero death target.