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Does anything go better together than the words "FUN" and "FREE"?

What am I talking about?

How about sitting lower deck on the first base side at a Major League Baseball game for $10.

Not your cup of tea?

How about 10th row seats at the Symphony for free?

I still haven't hit the mark yet?

Maybe 4th row seats to a Big Country concert for free sounds good.

Looking for some mayhem?

Suppose you got 15th row seats to see "Mr. Cat Scratch Fever" himself, Ted Nugent, for free.

Surely, you wouldn't turn down the opportunity for a 5 course dinner at a 5 star restaurant at a 4 diamond resort for $50 including a bottle of house wine?

Burgers more your style?

How about half price?



OK, how about a free cup of Starbucks coffee?

Now, I have your attention.

Yes, these are all offers that I have taken advantage of in the last year and they are only the tip of the proverbial "savings" iceberg.

Let's get something right out in the open first.  

My friends think I am strange, my family thinks I'm a bit peculiar, people I do business with think I'm a little bit offbeat and the reaction of people on the street that I meet for the first time is: "this guy is a little bit unusual and weird."

Why is this?

Because 90% of everything I do involves using a "free", "cut rate" or "discount" coupon.  

I won't eat out at a restaurant, book a trip, see a concert, watch a ball game, visit a museum or get a message without knowing that I am getting some sort of discount.

Let's face it, everyone loves a great deal. 

Don't you?

Thanks to the ability of the Internet to create the world's most ultra competitive marketplace, there are literally hundreds of websites offering deep discounts on everything from golf games and hot air balloon trips to wine tastings and comedy shows.  

All you have to do is little research and spend some time signing up for email offers and you will begin to experience a high society social life at discount prices.

The major players among these type of websites are:

What they offer is a new daily deal which runs for a specified period of time or until a certain amount of the discount coupons are purchased. 

They are usually good to use for several months from the time you purchase them online.

An added benefit is, if you find you haven't redeemed the coupon on time it is still worth what you paid for it when originally purchased.  

Let's say you found a coupon for a $40 meal for only $20 at your favorite Mexican Restaurant.  

You didn’t notice that it expired April 1, 2014.  

Well, you can still bring the coupon to the restaurant at any time and redeem if for the original $20 you paid for it.    

You lose absolutely nothing by purchasing these discount coupons.  

Can that be right?  

What is this world coming to?  

Pretty soon we will be seeing acts of friendship and kindness of biblical proportions.

People will be dancing in the streets.

Cats will be playing with dogs.

There will be complete mayhem, total anarchy.... you get the point if there is one.

All of these website programs are almost completely national and offer national products but they can be targeted by you for your local city or even zip code.  

So, not only can you take advantage of the deals in discounts in your own area but you can do the same when traveling as well.

Over the past couple of years here are some of the deals I have taken advantage of:

50% off or more at local restaurants 

I'm talking good ones too like family restaurants, high end steak houses, bar-b-que places, pubs, bars and even fast food restaurants. 

Folks living in the Phoenix metropolitan area will recognize names like The Wrigley Mansion, Dillon's, Vogue Bistro, Taps, Studio Movie Grill, Dickie's Bar-B-Que, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, Rosati's Pizza, Long Wong's and even Starbucks. 

I'm sure that the list of restaurants that are utilizing discount coupon sites in your town is just as extensive.

I carry my coupons in my car wherever I go in a nice little black plastic pouch that sits snugly in the side of my seat so if we are trying to decide on a place to eat I have a handful of money saving suggestions at all times.  

That's not unusual or peculiar is it?   

When I travel on vacation or for business, I stock up before leaving on coupons for the local restaurants in the areas I will be visiting.  

Who says you can't save a little money when traveling?

70% off on travel

This includes specials at hotels, resorts, wineries, etc. 

In the last 12 month's I  have used discounts in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Key West, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami Beach, FL.  

Locally, in Arizona, I have saved over 50% at resorts/hotels like theHassayampa Inn in Prescott, the Biltmore Hotel, Talking Stick Resort and Wild Horse Pass in Phoenix and the Hotel La More in Bisbee.  

We recently used a promotion from DealChicken.com to stay 2 nights at the Porto Vista Hotel in beautiful Little Italy in downtown San Diego.  

The street value of the stay was almost $500 but we stayed for $129.

50% or more off of entertainment 

This includes incredible deals like a day at Dolce Spa or an hour session with Jonnata Mata atMind Over Matter Hypnotherapy 

Nothing beats a lazy afternoon at the old ballpark watching Spring Training games.

I saw a half dozen in March all at half price or better.  

I will never again pay full price for tickets to see our major sports team in Phoenix like the Arizona Rattlers Arena Football games, Phoenix Suns NBA games, Phoenix Coyotes NHL games or even college games at Arizona State University.  

I have seen the Phoenix Symphony, Ballet Arizona and even the stage show of Monty Python's Spamalot at the Comerica Theater.  

Concerts we have attended for free include Ted Nugent, Michael Bolton, Morris Day & the Time, Queensryche, Big Country and the Brubeck Brothers.

If you don’t know what the  "FillASeat" program is check it out at:


Here's a quick overview:

When local events, shows and attractions have tickets they haven’t sold, they come to FillASeat to give them to members….FREE !!!  

With your membership you will have access to a year's worth of shows and events in the Phoenix (or whatever major metropolitan area you are reading this in and sign up in) and surrounding areas for one low price.

The costs:

Duet Membership: Up to (2) two tickets to each show on our site for one year. - $80   

Quartet Membership: Up to (4) four tickets to each show on our site for one year.- $150 

Make sure to check periodically for 1/2 price Groupon specials for FillASeat.

Whether it's for "Family Fun" or a year's worth of memorable "Date Nights", Fill A Seat is the BEST way to experience local music, culture and events. 

So,  it bears repeating.......get on board and start saving some money today. 

Take a few minutes as soon as you finish this blog and sign up for Groupon, FillASeat, Living Social, Deal Chicken and Amazon Local.

Keep those retirement funds where they belong...in those off-seas bank accounts we prefer not to talk about.   

Use these "fun coupons" wherever you go.

Another  popular money saving program that has grown in popularity recently is  the internet shopping "Deal of the Day". 

There are dedicated sites that are devoted to selling a single product at a highly reduced price for a 24-hour period. 

These include websites selling clothes, trips, wines, sporting goods, even appliances and home furnishings. 

Many major retailers have adopted this strategy for their websites as well. 

Take a look at Woot, Amazon, Ebay, Overstock.com and even Big Lots.

The bottom line here again is to spend a few minutes getting signed up to these programs.

I can assure you that I have experienced absolutely no adverse consequences from supplying my personal information to these sites.

They send you the emails with each new offer.

They are absolutely free.

You can stop the subscriptions at any time.

So, start saving tons of money and then start planning your fun.

If you hadn't noticed yet,  today's blog was brought back from my website archives from  April 23, 2013 because it is one of my favorites.

I truly hope you get on board with these money saving programs soon.

Like I said at the start, our lives would not be as exciting as they are if it weren't for these discount programs.

I would love to hear about your "money saving" experiences, what coupon programs are your favorites and how you save money on restaurants, events and travel.

This blog is a two way street and I really do enjoy getting comments and suggestions from you.

Below is a list of the most popular programs I could find on the internet.  

They are in no particular order and I'm sure there are hundreds' more out there geared towards your neighborhood or tastes.  

I have already linked" the top 12 or so for you.

To get you started with your savings I have added a direct link to Groupon.


Good hunting and have fun saving.  


When you find yourself saving sooooo much money thanks to these programs and if you truly feel the need to part with some of your savings in an honorable way, please feel free to click on the PayPal donate buttons you find throughout my website pages to help support my blog.  

Just saying.



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OzarkDailyDeals (This one is for my Grandkids out in Missouri)

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